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TD-M8 version 0.2b released

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  • TD-M8 version 0.2b released


    Version 0.2b of TD-M8 has been released

    What's New:

    A lot is... It is still a beta version though. Some stuff might not work properly. If you run into any problems, please send me an email describing the problem.
    You can now:
      [*]Save files (both TD-M8's own .tdm filetype as well as standard sysex .syx files)[*]Load files (.tdm and .syx)[*]Use the clipboard to cut/copy & paste settings. E.g. you can copy kit no. 30 to the clipboard and then paste it to kit 64[*]Open more than one instance. Using File -> Open or File-> New you can now open more than one file. There is still a problem with this though.[/list]