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memory lane

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  • memory lane

    How many of you guys remember these.

    Come on roland this is what we want.

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    Here's some more ...



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      I`m far too young to remember the bottom three kits


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        I was going to mention the North drums, but I see marc. done posted a pic (second from top). Didn't we always think this stuff was so cool when it first came out? Good thing it was out of my price range .

        There was also a company that made a roto-tom kit with shells(can you say Pearl, how embarassing it probably was). I found a Ludwig snare a couple of weeks ago that is actually two shells, an upper and a lower with a void in between. Held together by the lugs. Does anyone know what model it was by chance?

        Aren't those cocktail kits coming back in (third from top)? The original inverted perverted beater.


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          Probably nobody else out there will remember these: Trixon drums. They had two sets, both with bizarre kick drums. One looked like the kick had melted. It had a flat bottom, wide enough for two kick pedals mounted on the flat part, then went on up from there and rounded up and around.

          Trixon's other set had a large head (about 22")on the beater side. The front head facing the audience was about 16". Kinda cone-shaped, looked like a bad drawing, all out of perspective....


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              The lugwig snare you ask about is called "colosseum". Made for marching,my Girlfriend bought one for heavy rock work.Made in the early - mid 80's.One of the loudest drums ever.