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Can you hook up more drums/cymbals to the TD-10?

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  • Can you hook up more drums/cymbals to the TD-10?

    Sometimes i hear people talking on here in what appears to be a very technical greek language about having more than just the 10 (or is it 12) inputs in the back of the TD-10. Can someone tell me if this is indeed possible without having to buy another TD-8 or TD-10, and is it easy to do? Again, I'm no technician or engineer, just a rush fan wanting to add more drums and cymbals to my V-Pro kit. Thanks!!!

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    I think you will need an additional pad to MIDI trigger interface for this. Roland manufactured a PM-16 once and thet can be found cheap used.

    Some people also use an Octapad and connect the pads to the inputs of this Octapad and then MIDI the unit to the td-10 or td-8


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      An Alesis D4 is quit cheap second hand and gives you an additional 12 inputs.
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        Pay some attention. IBeatIt makes it clear he does NOT want to purchase another brain or whatever AND that he is a rush fan. HELLO?. sheeesh!

        IBeatIt, yeah, what you want is possible without having to buy another module. Use the search engine. Keywords "Shack Attack" or "Holy Grail" or "y-adapter".



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          First of all, Marc and Feefer, thanks for the posts. I have to ask, did you both score 1600 on your SAT's? Do you both have multiple PHD's? Maybe I'm just too "Forest Gump", but I swear after reading all those messages, I feel retarded now. How about I buy one of you guys a plane ticket to come to Charleston, SC (we have kick ass beaches and good looking women and just have you setup my kit for me? I guess i need to print out these messages, and then sit down on the kit and try to make sense of it all. But as embarrasing as this is to admit, I have the TD-10, the expansion card, with an extra pd-9 and kd-100, but the only thing I've ever done with my set is change the preset kits (from the old to new) and change individual drums/cymbals. So basically, I have a porsche, and have never taken it out of first gear...no, make that I've never taken it out of the garage. Should you all throw rotten fruit at me now?


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            Really? Charleston is French for High Hat? So what's the French word for Forest Gump? La Dumbass?