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James Newton Howard & Jeff Porcaro

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  • James Newton Howard & Jeff Porcaro

    I am curious as to how many of you have heard a CD called James Newton Howard & Friends that was recorded in 1983. It includes David Paich, and Steve and Jeff Porcaro. The CD basically showcased Yamaha's new keyboards at the time with Jeff playing the drums.

    I bought the CD years ago and I still think its awesome when I hear it. I don't even think about the fact that some of the synth sounds are outdated. the musicianship's just amazing. Jeff's drumming really shines through.

    I was just interested in knowing how many others have heard and enjoyed this music as well.


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    Originally posted by Harlock:
    JNH has made zillions movie scores and was also on every top 80's hi-fi store's shelf (and still is) for testing CD players & systems in general under different conditions...
    Don't remember the label name, very famous though, quality wise.

    I've played to that album over and over, for 'mise en place'. Even with the funny synths, It's an outstanding album.

    What about Vs?
    Is the album/cd available?
    I am a huge Jeff fan, Mr. Shuffle.....
    I may try napster if it is out of print.

    The original Gig Pig.


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      I checked and Amazon has the CD. Here's the address for it.

      If this link doesn't work just do a search on Amazon for James Newton Howard and you'll find the CD. It's called James Newton Howard & Friends and was released by Sheffield Lab.

      Enjoy, I DO!



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        The original Gig Pig.