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What do you recommend of Dave Weckl?

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  • What do you recommend of Dave Weckl?

    I keep reading about Dave Weckl being huge. What is the best cd's or videos to get to be turned on to this guys playing. Thanks all!

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    Dave Weckl is my favorite drummer to watch play. I have a friend who, for some crazy reason, has bought just about every drum video out there (he has over 30 videos). I have watched all of them...some many times.

    Dave's first two videos (Back to Basics, and The Next Step) are awesome. A lot of videos show drummers doing "cool" stuff (and I don't mean that sarcastically), but Dave actually SHOWS you what he's up to. Wait til you see him do a simple paradiddle slowly on the snare and then take it to the kit and speed it up. You never knew a paradiddle could come alive like that.

    Also, his movements are completely fluid. He's like watching a lava lamp (oh, dear...some of our younger readers may have never had the privilege of seeing a lava lamp!!). Other great drummers I've seen are a bit jerky...no one comes close to Dave in terms of fluid motion.

    Very few drummers who have watched his first video even caught him when he does that great solo and he does a super fasr double stroke roll and SWITCHES to single strokes right in the middle of it and YOU CAN'T TELL!! It's truly awesome.

    Then, he shows you 9 (10?12?) ways to practice triplets and does them at various speeds and then combines them randomly in a monster solo.

    He later goes into odd time signatures and even shows you his signature "playing backwards", which he admits he learned by accident when he was playing with a keyboard player (his roomate) and got off beat and didn't know it. Weird stuff!

    Anyway, you MUST get his first 2 videos. You will not be disappointed. They are outstanding. Watching them always makes me want to hang up my drumsticks! I'll never get there!

    Happy hunting.


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      What MAGCPA said!! Weckl is simply amazing, he has unbelievable technique. If you don't want a video he has about 6 solo CDs out there. My favorite is his first Master Plan. He has a solo in the song Master Plan dueling with Steve Gadd (amazing). After that there was Wired, Heads Up, Synergy. There is more im doing this from memory. Also check out Chick Chorea Elektric Band WECKL played on 2 or 3 of his albums.


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        I find his "music" useful when I need to fall asleep.


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          I saw him recently in Atlanta, and he was incredible! I liked his music ok before that, but gained a whole new appreciation for him after seeing him. My wife and I attended his concert last Friday night and I went back on Saturday for a clinic on anything you wanted to talk about involving music, whether it be theory, technique, whatever. He was extremely patient and helpful as were the other members of his band including the excellent bass player, John Patitucci. I bought his most recent CD at the show which is titled, Transition. He has begun to incorporate some Latin and African percussion instruments into his drum kit. The new album sounds as if there are a drummer and percussionist playing on it. He's doing it all from his drumkit and he's playing all the parts live. It's pretty amazing. Check the Transition CD out and remember he can do all this without overdubs.


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            PS to the above post. I forgot to mention that if you like what you hear and if you like this style of jazz, you should, there is a version of his "Rhythm of the Soul" CD available with no drums on it. You can purchase it only from his website, http://www.daveweckl.com Click on "In Session."
            It comes with charts and an explanation as to his playing on each song. It's a great learning and practice tool. At least for me it is.
            I'd like my cut now Dave.

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              If you want to hear Dave at his free, swinging best, get Chick Corea's Akoustic band album, if it's still available.

              Corea, Pattituci and Weckl as a three piece. Some quite progressive jazz, with a few old favourites thrown in. Also some great playing by Corea.

              And they used to call him a robot???


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                Originally posted by cabman:
                I keep reading about Dave Weckl being huge. What is the best cd's or videos to get to be turned on to this guys playing. Thanks all!
                Dave Weckl is a truly amazing drummer. The only gripe I have is sometimes his music is a little too much like "pop-soft-jazz" which really grates on my nerves. WIth that being said, here are a few songs I think every drummer should listen to at least once in thier life.

                From Master Plan:

                Festival de Ritmo
                Tower of Inspiration

                And from Transition

                High Life
                Like That


                "Mystic rythyms, capture my thoughts, carry me away"


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                  My third favorite drumming song of all time:

                  Tower of Inspiration from DW's Master Plan (first solo album).

                  Reverend Poppy
                  Reverend Poppy


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                    Any of you guys notice how Weckyl has changed where he has positioned his drums (versus how they were set-up in his older videos)? I am a traditional grip player as well, and I tend to be fussy where everything is. In his videos he used to talk about the positoning of drums for the "power stroke," etc. His floor toms are now much lower and the smaller toms are positioned and angled differently. Just curious as to why...

                    BTW, I also think he is an incredible drummer and ditto - don't care for his music much, either!
                    E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
                    A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.


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                      I think it's part of his new "natural" approach.

                      In his newest videos he closes his eyes, pretends to hit the toms where he thinks they feel right and positions them there. I've only seen the first in the series "How to develop technique". It's pretty good - he discusses the Moeller technique and how it's changed his playing style since his first videos.

                      Gotta agree with Jimmy C and cpgrossman - his playing is unbelievable, but IMO his music is a bit too "Muzak".



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                        I have the new cd from him and while I really dig his playing it is hard to get through sometimes.
                        I want to transplant him in other bands.
                        I want to hear more groove and less keyboard tunes ,but I know that it makes for great drum punctuations.
                        Yes I am a newbie here.....hello.
                        Playing for 25 years and just getting into vdrums...
                        The original Gig Pig.