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Where are your edrums setup? Pics??

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  • Where are your edrums setup? Pics??

    Just saw a post with a kit in someones dining room. I can relate. Mine have been everywhere from my garage, livingroom, bedroom, SEP office, basement, etc....all depending on where the "boss woman" complains least about them at the time...
    The livingroom did not last long, but it was the coolest place for them IMHO.


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    Erik, wouldn't the SEP office be IN your laptop?!?! How'd you get 'em in there?

    no pics (yet) but mine are on my tire platform in the dining room. I'd much rather have them in the spare bedroom (so would the little woman) but the downstairs neighbor uses her spare room as an office and is working on her dissertation

    what I wouldn't do for a building with concrete floors!

    \oo/_ _\oo/

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    \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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      Originally posted by sepdrums:
      .... depending on where the "boss woman" complains least about them at the time...
      Why do you think I play in a band? Na ...


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        At this very moment,my Vs are in my bedroom, at my parent's house.Not long ago,they were in the house of the guy I work with ,where all the rest of the equipment is...and we might move to a decent studio very soon..

        P.S.as for neighbors,may God help them


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          Just check out my website for V drum setup pics and some real audio/video stuff.

          If you are visiting my website turn your speakers down a little because I have a sound file of me drumming a little in the background. The 15 second clip only plays twice and then stops.

          Don't ya just love your V's?

          Super V Drum Geek at your service!



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          Kelly Mercer
          Halifax, Nova Scotia

          My Youtube Channel!

          My "home studio" webcam!


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            Mine are in our studio at the moment but are taken up and down too many times for gigs and such like!

            See the below bizarre image...


            Joe Wakeford


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              Mine are set up in the "den" (13'x13') along with: my acoustic kit (5-piece w/6 cymbals and rototoms), 7 full-size (36"x80") bookshelves, a big ol' wooden desk and filing cabinet. (And you should see where I have my pinball machines crammed into!) Next house will have a BIG basement for music and games!!!


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                Always great to see other set-ups; I'm working on getting a pic of mine in (3rd bedroom / reading room / study / drum room!)

                ADD: you certainly have HIGH hats!

                RUS: I've been waiting to see the tyre platform....sounds good (serious).

                TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

                Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



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                  I'm lucky enough to get the front den of the house all to myself. Took a quick pic, sorry for the poor quality. Like your setup Joe, the Pearl rack is great! SEP, lets see those Muffins.


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                    Great setup, BtnkBndt. That looks nice.



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                      Ok, Ill post them next week after the open mic night jam. I will get some shots there.
                      Its 1AM here. Have to go to sleep for 1.5hrs so I can wake up for my redeye flight to LA NAMM show. Going to be fun.
                      I just dropped in to print out that list of questions.



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                        Ok, what the hell. Here is my new HDI Custom AX set up in my dining room(who needs a fancy table & chairs ). As you can see I am still awaiting the arrival of my TD-10. In the mean time it makes a great practice set! So far I love how it plays & feels, not too noisy either.


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                          Originally posted by sepdrums:
                          Just saw a post with a kit in someones dining room.
                          if you are talking about the picture i have posted...well, it's just a "spare" room in my house..it's not a dining room.
                          so i have my computer there and my VDrums...
                          and a lot of "garbage" as you can see in the picture

                          Roy A.


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                            Damn, that setup was fast, Redline-Fred! It Looks great, especially in black. And those DW pedals look familiar?! How do ya like em?

                            If I were you tho', I'd turn the base of your snare clockwise, an eigth of a 360 rotation. Then you can bring your secondary DW and Hi-hat a good 6 inches closer together.

                            Great sets all around, Gang...

                            Thank Ye,
                            Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr


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                              Look at the carpets which cover the wall. Now you know why we never drink alcohol when practicing

                              I have some SIB pads (the black ones) for tom toms and the ddrum4 module is on the floor, near the hi-hat. I still did not found a place on my rack for it.