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  • Rush

    A while ago I downloaded a couple of Rush songs (from hemispheres and a farewell to kings) and I really like it
    The singer has a kind of strange voice, but it doesn't annoy me and I think it's pretty cool even. And the drummer is great (Neil Peart right?)
    I believe there are some Rush fans surfing around here, so which album must I buy/listen/download?

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    2112 and Moving pictures are the two must-haves.

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      The one everyone knows is "Moving Pictures".
      The one that I liked to drum to (as if I could, really, even now ) was "Permanent Waves". Some really great drum tracks on there. I love the building and subtleties of the song "Jacob's Ladder" and the "Natural Science" trilogy is REALLY cool.

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        john rutsey rules!!!!


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          caress of steel is the best, then fly by night, then fairwell to kings. runners up side 2 2112, side 2 hemerspheres,all the worlds a stage (sorry i love by-tor) oh and moving pictures (side 2)


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            Not sure if @OM is serious, but just in case:

            Though not my favorite album I found the electronic/acoustic synthesis on 'Power Windows' to be very creative, particularly on 'Mystic Rhythms' and 'Big Money.' I remember spending a lot of hours trying to get that 'Big Money' opening down, and sometimes I still use the pattern from 'Mystic' as a springboard for improvisation.

            Other tracks I remember being fun drummy songs:

            'Subdivisions', 'By-Tor and the Snow Dog', 'La Villa Strangiato' , 'Circumstances', 'Body Electric', 'Distant Early Warning', 'Xanadu' (loved Xanadu, felt I was playing a novel), and 'Spirit of Radio'.

            Ah, nostalgia.


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              Unlike most Rush fans I know, I tend to gravitate toward the "newer" material from Signals to the present. Grace Under Pressure is actually my favorite Rush album, but go to the Presto album to check out two of Neil's better drum performances:

              "Show Don't Tell" (the drum sound on this song is dynamite)

              "Scars" (a very underrated Rush tune featuring some kickass electronic drumming)
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                Can't remember the name but it followed Moving Pictures.



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                  I think that was 'Signals'. Just remembered a cool track on that album, the one with the electric violin solo that blew me away. Can't remember the song.


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                    I like all the old school stuff also. Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows, then I lost interest? A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres are must haves.

                    Test for Echo is excellent recording, brought me back.

                    Heck just go ahead and buy em' all.

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                      Just throwing in my .02 but if you like Rush and don't mind the vocals, PLEASE try some Dream Theater if you not yet had the pleasure. These guy site RUSH as a huge influence. Also while you are at it try some Spocks Beard and TransAtlantic.
                      Again, sorry for going off the topic, but I love the chance to plug D.T.


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                        DJoug, the song was titled "Losing It"


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                          Yes "losing it" luv that tune .



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                            I agree with the Permanent Waves album. Perfect drum sound.

                            The DreamTheater drummer perhaps is better from technique but not so creative as Neil Peart is. Neil changed his drum style several times (wave, reggae, progressive rock, african influencer etc)


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                              Though in my opinion ALL Rush albums are great, and I have collected all of them over the years, for someone's first taste I would still have to recommend Moving Pictures.