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Rush & Van Halen Bootlegs to Play Along With

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  • Rush & Van Halen Bootlegs to Play Along With

    Okay V-Drummers, I know most of you have to rate Neil and Alex as some of your favorite all time drummers. Well I have over 50 live shows on cd from both Rush and Van Halen, ranging from the early 70's to today, and am trying to sell them to raise money to buy what else? MORE V-DRUMS! Please email me at [email protected] to get my list, prices, etc. All shows come with artwork, and KICK ASS DRUMMING!!! Just curious, do you guys all just use headphones and use the mix in knob to play along with music?

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    Just a little warning for you and your budding enterprise... IMO there's nothing wrong with *trading* live shows or even studio albums. There's nothing criminal about it and bands like Metallica are only hurting themselves by criminalizing their fans. But selling bootlegs for profit without the band's permission is an entirely different matter. Go collect some Phish shows, for instance, and try selling them on rec.music.phish. You will be flamed like you won't believe. But go and offer the same shows for trade, and you will be welcomed. This is because the band approves of people trading the music (a non-profit endeavor), but disapproves of people re-selling the music (a for-profit endeavor). I have a feeling that Van Halen et al. feel the same way about their music. So maybe you should check yo'self and reconsider this practice.
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      Okay, in light of ufotofu's post - I'll SWAP you your 50 tapes for my V's

      Live & let live.

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        WOW. I didnd't realize this would be such a big deal. I would hardly call this my "budding enterprise" but i guess thanks for the warning...As some of you guys can relate, I'm just trying to get some extra money for a good cause. Figured this was better than standing on a street corner asking for it Plus, i know a lot of people, like myself, would happily buy great recordings of their favorite bands, whether its in a store or a guy on the corner or parking lot. But yes, i'd be open to trades as well...especially for vdrums


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          As much as I now despise Metallica, the rumor is that they've actually never had a problem with people taping their live shows.

          Selling those that you have is illegal, and if I were you, I would have ripped them to MP3 a long time ago and put them on Napster.

          That's just me, of course. I'm into giving away anything digital....