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favorite drums track

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    Oh, by the way:

    CPGrossman: Regarding Rasheid Ali...is there an album on which he's playing V's? Where did you hear about this? I'm very interested to hear what he's doing...

    Boingo: Joe Morello has a couple of albums under his own name. On one he does a version of Take 5, on another he does the Mission Impossible theme, which is also in 5/4. You may want to check them out (I personally haven't hear them, so buyer beware).

    Enough out of me.


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      I have at least one of his CD's if not two. I'll have to dig them out. Thanks for reminding me.
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        "Bucephalus bouncing ball"-APHEX TWIN
        That is one evil man.....


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          My favorite this week:

          Dave Weckl

          "Festival de Ritmo"

          on "Master Plan"


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            dont think anybody mentioned At The Gates now thats some SICK drumming. SICK double bass stuff

            hit harder???
            hit harder???


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              A fav of mine is:

              "Black Phonemics" by Steve Coleman and the Five Elements off of the 'Black Science' CD.

              Marvin "Smitty" Smith bustin' a groove.

              Steve Coleman writes the most complicated music that actually grooves.

              Oh yeah, Mahavishnu Orchestra playing "Celestial Terrestrial Commuters" on 'Birds of Fire'. 19/16 at its best!
              Bronskrat T. Polecat
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              • #37
                The big band basher "Food For Your Soul" by Carl Palmer from "Works Volume 1!" Outrageous fills, great tom and snare sound, blazing speed. A true Drum God!


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                  kawligga-hank williams


                  • #39
                    Man, you guys are really hitting on some good ones!

                    I'll throw in a few more:

                    "Speading The Disease" and "Della Brown"--Queensryche
                    "Leave The Past Behind"--Fates Warning
                    "Babylon Sisters"--Steely Dan
                    "Head Like A Hole"--Nine Inch Nails
                    "The Big Money" and "Digital Man"--Rush
                    "Walking On The Moon"--The Police
                    "Learning To Fly" (live version)--Pink Floyd
                    "No Excuses" and "Angry Chair"--Alice In Chains
                    "Heart Of The Sunrise" and "Yours Is No Disgrace"--Yes
                    "One More Red Nightmare" and "21st Century Schizoid Man"--King Crimson
                    "Sweating Bullets"--Megadeth
                    "Pull Me Under"--Dream Theater
                    "Too Young To Fall In Love"--Motley Crue
                    "Children Of The Grave" and "War Pigs"--Black Sabbath
                    "Miracle Man"--Ozzy Osbourne
                    "Seasons In The Abyss" and "Dittohead"--Slayer
                    And last but not least, special mention to the baddest intro of all time:

                    "Over The Mountain"--Ozzy Osbourne!
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                      The drumming in "Under a Raging Moon"....Roger Daltrey.



                      • #41
                        Anything from when Vinnie was playing with Zappa



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                          Here's a few I'm trying to get down:

                          "Taste" by Phish (anything by them really)
                          "Freewill" by Rush (anything by them too)
                          "Metropolis" by Dream Theater

                          - andy

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                            Carl Palmer - Tank/Karn Evil 9
                            Brian Downey - Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy)
                            Ian Paice (almost anything but try the intro to Never Before and anything off Made In Japan)

                            Any Bonham
                            Simon Phillips - Symbiosis (solo album)and Sukarita off Judie Tzuke's Welcome To The Cruise album
                            Phil Collins - Duke's Travels
                            Chester Thompson - any live Genesis
                            Barriemore Barlow - Bursting Out Jethro Tull live
                            Bruford - Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes)
                            Cozy Cole - Topsy parts I and II
                            Dennis Chambers - Josie (Steely Dan Live IN America)
                            Simon Kirjke - Mr Big (Free Live)
                            Keith Moon - Behind Blue Eyes
                            Gadd - Aja
                            Couliuta - Sting live and with Gino Vanelli

                            there are dozens more but my head is exploding now


                            • #44
                              The End -- Beatles
                              Phil Collins - I don't care anymore & in the air tonight.

                              Denver, CO
                              Vpro Drummer


                              • #45
                                B'Boom ..Thrak... King Crimson