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cheapest place for new Mackie SRM450?

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  • cheapest place for new Mackie SRM450?

    Any suggestions appreciated. Also, if any one is interested in purchasing a mint condition Roland KC-500, let me know
    E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
    A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.

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    The best way to go about this is to compile a list of reputable online music stores, and then go to each store and record the price of the product you want. And use the vdrums.com search function. Here is a start:


    As for the SRM450, I got mine for $650 shipped at riksmusic.com, which was roughly $100 less than any other store I checked. Make sure to account for shipping fees, because the only price that matters is the *total* price, including shipping, tax, and whatever else they want to charge you for.
    Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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      Got mine at Chuck Levins Washington Music for $620.00. Ask for Mike Bennett in the audio dept.. He was very good to work with. Helped me get my Eon G2 problems worked out as well as sold me my Mackies.


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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by Tom Berry:
        [B]Got mine at Chuck Levins Washington Music for $620.00.
        Is that 620 per speaker? Don't you really need two of the speakers to get the full sounds possiblilites out of the v drums?


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          Correct. $620.00 per speaker. One is great. Two are better. Get the sub (640.00) and you'd be kick'n some major butt! You need to check out the Eon G2s also. A little less money, nice little mixer section, and sounds great. $550.00.