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OT: Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" dead at 40.

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  • OT: Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" dead at 40.

    My sympathies go to the family, even though he had nothing to do with e-drumming he was loved by everyone.


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    i second that. i loved laughing at his crazy shows!


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      That is so sad.
      I loved just hearing him talk.

      If only I had half of his enthusiasm.

      Like the guy in the video clip said,
      "he died doing what he loved, didn't he?"
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        You are not going to believe this but on saturday evening a few of us were at the pub and we all agreed that he was a bit of a pratt and needed to be bitten ( just stupid pub humour) obviously not wishing him any real harm.

        This morning when the news broke we were all a bit spooked. Feel really sorry for him and his family


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          Feel sorry for his family, not for him tbh. He blatantly had a nasty death coming- but a barbed spear through the heart? Ouch!


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            yea, talk about a freak accident...

            I feel sorry for his little boy (just turned 3), little daughter and of course the wife....
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              I think he knew he was constantly putting his life on the line. So I respect him and dont view him as "dumb" or anything like that.
              All the best wishes for his family.

              ***Insert SWEET gear here*** :D


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                Here is a picture I have.

                I posted this a couple years ago here. off topic, but it was a big brew-ha ha in the news at the time.
                How can anyone not love the croc. hunter.
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                  Yes rip Steve Irwin, you were a fantastic embassador for Australia.
                  He hunted crocs and caught and handled the worlds most venomous snakes through out his whole life without ever getting bitten, then he innocently swims above a sting ray and bang, its all over.
                  It just goes goes to show ya, you can not be too complacent, its when you take things for granted that bad things happen.
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                    It has always bothered me when I hear someone say, "he died doing something he loved".I think about that usually before the first set.


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                      I live in Australia myself and I didn't know this until I came here D:

                      A very sad news... but I expected this sooner or later... He does tend to push his limits too far too many times.

                      God rest his soul if not anything else and all for the best for his family


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                        This guy was so entertaining to watch and I loved his shows but I got to say, something had to happen sooner or later with the risks he took. Cant believe he was taken out by a stingray when you think of the other dangers he exposed himself to but then this is what happens when you take risks. A nice guy with a love for animals but I would have thought being a father would have calmed him down a bit to prevent this sort of thing happening and leaving his kids without a father but I guess not. Still, a tragic loss.
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                          how about a little respect and sympathy for his family and friends, as well as all the animals he rescued and gave an opportuinty to live... maybe we could all wait just a bit before "passing judgment"?
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                            Yes indeed. What a shame!
                            I need to hear this stuff every once in a while (although I don't like hearing it!)
                            Just a simple reminder: you or I may not be here tomorrow. Accidents of all types happen every day. Yeah, we're all gonna die sooner or later, but the ones that die sooner than we expect them are good cause for us to take a breather....get out of the fast lane & stop to smell the roses in our lives.



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                              Steve did a lot of good work. Condolences to his family.

                              He _DID_ die doing soemthing he loved. Unfortunatley part of that something was annoying highly dangerous animals. :-|

                              It would have to have been a calculated risk in his line of work.

                              R.I.P. Steve. You will be missed around the world.