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Looking for drum samples?

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  • Looking for drum samples?

    For those out there looking for samples for a sequencer or whatever...

    I found this site that has a ton of links to various sample pages, many dedicated to drums, but some vocal and bass samples as well.
    Some are free, some you have to pay for. I downloaded some of the free ones, the ones I downloaded sound... okay.
    I haven't checked them all out, though...

    note: steve lynch - he's got a link to your site there, in case you care.


    Also, I have heard the Bob Clearmountain CDs discussed here recently. I have CD 1 and CD 2, so if anyone is interested in checking out how those sound, drop me a line.
    There are TONs of sounds, mostly one-shots of various drum sounds - snares, toms, kicks, etc. - sounds for every style. Good cymbal sounds, also.

    Have a nice day.