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    Just Do It!

    Hey Pleiadian,

    I know I owe you an email on this subject, but I haven't put my thoughts together for you, yet. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, I am glad to you hear that you are thinking about doing this! Also, if you want, I think I might be able to help you with the TD-12 and TD-20 data structures, as well as any low-level MIDI I/O stuff. If I don't send you an email this weekend, please feel free to send me one.

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      Originally posted by Canerican
      Nothing for V-drums is free... nothing worthwhile anyway...
      Surely anything free is worth exactly what you paid for it? (Most of the time!)

      O/T - Met Thomas Lang at one of his clinics the other day... seperate thread on its way!

      I would buy it, and would probably match the 50 pound offer... go for it!
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        TDXX app

        I just scanned through the responses, so there are likely some reduncancies here.

        Like others have said, the module itself is pretty easy to operate, so a WYSIWYG point-and-click interface, while an improvement, is not a huge improvement, IMO.

        I think for your application to really take wings, it would have to operate in a "stand-alone" mode. I know nothing about programming, so I don't know what would be involved in this, but I think if you could put together an app that would allow someone to edit and preview sounds without being attached to the module, that would be killer.

        I could envision someone having this program on their laptop, loading their kits and patterns from the flash card, and being able to tweak and preview instruments and kits without having to have their module right there with them. You could build kits on a plane, on your lunch hour, on the road (as a passenger, fools!), or even if you were stove up in bed with the flu. I would think it would be a boon to the VEX people as well.

        It would be really great if you could test different areas on those drums and cymbals that have positional sensing, and also be able to actually create patterns within the program.

        After you were finished, you just save everything back to the flash card and load it into the module.

        I can see that some or all of these items could easily push the project beyond what you are envisioning, though. I would have to say that for $50 bucks, I might be more inclined to buy another set of VEX kits, but that's just me. I have little enough time to play, so I would have to be convinced this app would be a real time-saver, and I would have to be more into programming than I currently am.

        You know, something I could get behind is some software to make it easier to manage the library of kits and sounds. I think the TD20 is really weak in this regard, at least in comparison to how easy most everything else is.


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          -SD- looking forward to your email. TBH, your work on VDrumLib (and our email exchange) was the inspiration to pick up this old idea that had been in my mind for the last years.

          Yes, a good midi library (with sysex support) is exactly what we need. I don't want to rely on Midi-Ox anymore

          Also a memory map of the TD-20/12 would be excellent... I don't know if the Roland documentation of the TD-20/12 is as complete as the TD-8. The TD-8 manual has a complete chapter on the memory structure and the midi/sysex implementation. Without that info my work on TD-M8 would have been impossible.
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            Thanks for your analysis... yes, an offline mode is part of my plan. Without being connected to the module, you'd be able to open a syx or td0 file, edit all the settings and write it back to the file.

            There will be one obvious drawback of working offline... you can not hear the effect of your changes. Previewing the sounds without being connected to the module would require to use the Roland samples as well as duplicating the VEdit/COSM engine... there'd be all kinds of issues (copyright/patent, the complexity of COSM, downloading the sound library from the module to the PC) This will be impossible without the help from Roland. And unless you get it *exactly* right, it would be useless.


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              All I can tell you is that I used your TD-M8 software extensively when I had a TD8. It is a great piece of software. Yes the TD20 does indeed have a user friendly interface but I really missed your editor software after I upgraded to a TD20. I loved seeing all the settings at one time on one screen and I enjoyed moving stuff and renaming stuff on my notebook pc while sitting in my easy chair.

              Anyway, I'm behind you on this one too. All I'd suggest is that you have a demo so drummers could try it out before they shell out the bucks. Nothing worse than paying for a piece of software only to find out it isn't what you expected!

              Good luck with the project and keep us posted on your progress..... can you have it done by, say, tomorrow?


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                Roland dident map anything
                and trying to get any information from them is useless.
                i chased them for 3 months in order to get a detailed midi specification of their SYX Dump's for the TD-12 and TD-20 and at the end
                i got an email from someone saying that roland will not release this information since it might reveal some of their "secrets" ( i dont remember exactly how he put it in the email).

                anyway, after a long wait i decided to give it up and investigated the SYX file myself.
                basiclly, i said it before but a new software should be available in the coming month that will allow you
                to do a'lot of stuff for these two modules (TD-20 and TD-12).
                after that i will publish a poll between every version and will ask what are the features you want to add next
                (although some of the basic features like reordering kits, renameing kits and directly connect to the module
                without the need of any third party application [like midiox] - will be available in the first version).

                best of all - it will be absolutly FREE !

                there are other great idea's that i have for this program and i am trying to do something with some of the guys
                from the vexpressions ltd.
                i promise you will hear all about this very soon !


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                  Originally posted by computerman

                  O/T - Met Thomas Lang at one of his clinics the other day... seperate thread on its way!
                  Did he say he was coming to the US? I envy you way too much right now...

                  Anyways back on topic...

                  Looks like nobody has said no yet.


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                    So we have at least 3 members working on software. Who woulda thunk we'd be so fortunate?
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                      Roland TD-# Module Editor

                      Hey I was wondering if there was any progress on someone developing a Editor package for the TD-8? I had a TD-7 and there was one written for it that was awesome and loved it. GUI and all! Was wondering if anybody has made one for the TD8.


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                        Originally posted by AppleJax2112 View Post
                        Hey I was wondering if there was any progress on someone developing a Editor package for the TD-8? I had a TD-7 and there was one written for it that was awesome and loved it. GUI and all! Was wondering if anybody has made one for the TD8.
                        Have you looked at TD-M8 which is mentioned in the first post of this thread?

                        It's quite old, but so is your TD-8 module!



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                          I'm sure some of us would find it useful. (Given that I own a TD-4, it's not gonna be of much use to me, obviously.) Also, I actually like to be able to change settings on the fly, at the module. You know, don't like the volume of this, the muffling on that, just a quick turn of the knobs and I can go on playing.
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                            Hi Pleiadian.

                            If you could make it work in real time and link to the module and a control surface it and if it showed every pad plus some more controls then it would be excellent and I would be interested.

                            A good idea.