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what music are you playing?

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  • what music are you playing?

    We know what some of us are doing but what about the rest,what style of music?Do you play live gigs or just studio stuff?Are you doing covers,originals?Are you in a band or looking for one?
    c'mon fess up!

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    dutch rock


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      avant garde, free improv like last exit and AMM


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        I am in a struggling garage band.. In the winter we keep warm in my uninsulated, non-climate controled garage with a kerosene heater...summer time is brutally hot. waahh.
        We play the typical covers by Poison, Kiss, Godsmack, Pearl Jam, etc... We do have some originals..... its all for fun....

        Actually - I am looking for a good complete PA system - amps, cabs, snake, mixer, etc..... about $2500 range...



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          I play gospel, R&B, funk & hip-hop
          Playing for a gospel group that just got a record deal so we should be gigging pretty soon.

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          FJMAR99 --The original pimp!


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            I play Goth-Industrial, mostly originals but occasionally we do a cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" just for the heck of it, and we're getting ready to record thefirst album.

            "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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              I play orginal Christian Alternative Metal. I use my V's both live and in the studio. Check us out at www.tocsinrocks.com. I also use Roland gear at church to play worship. I love my V's. Some of the churches we play at were never made for acoustic drums and being able to play all out without worring about volume is the best. Some places we play are so small that that acoustic drums with multi rods are to loud. Also with the V's the stage volume is so much lower that all the sound guys love us, they control the sound. I usually get a funny look from people about electric drums, then they hear them and come up and tell me how great they sound!! Keep "Rockin"
              Ted H.


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                  We play mostly alternative stuff like licoln park, Isle of Q, Green day, Lit, Offspring, and just about anything that sounds good.


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                    Phish, Phish, and then some Phish.

                    I'm sorry...I'm obsessed.
                    - andy

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                      Originally posted by puttenvr:
                      dutch rock
                      Don't you mean Rock performed by dutch-persons? Or do you mean Rock performed with dutch lyrics? Please elaborate.

                      I walked by a Mexica record store and heard some kick-ass R & R. The proprietor called it mexica rock.

                      PPFFttt!! Only difference to me was the language of the lyrics.

                      How's about music by Acid Mother Temple or maybe Angels'n Heavy Syrup?

                      Rock is Rock. ... isn't it?

                      rock on,


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                        I just realized I didn't tell y'all what I play.I am in a Country music project that plays out all but 1 weekend a month. We do covers & we also do orignals that(scary part) that I have wrote with them.
                        I'm also the majority of the lead vocals,and I sing back-up on the rest.
                        We have opened up for some major acts In the past,Niel McCoy,Chris Ledux.
                        One day ,We hope to have a cool website like putt's.
                        thanks for all the responses guys and gals!
                        And remember,I'd rather have a bottle in front of me,than a frontal labotomy.

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                          My band plays all-original progressive rock heavily influenced by the more "mainstream" artists in that genre (Rush, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, etc.). I play to a click on about 80% of the songs we do because the music is very production-heavy (samples, sequences, loops, etc.), and also because we don't use a live keyboard player. I'm also involved in two groups that contain some the same people as my original band, and these "splinter" groups do jazz and folk music. Lastly, I play in a country band on the side, and this band does mainly cover tunes. I play a Yamaha acoustic set with Paiste cymbals on this gig......
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                            The band I'm in plays...hmmm...what would you call it? We play Metallica to Godsmack...Sevendust to Creed...Pantera to Staind...even some original tunes
                            DMPro rookie, TD10 newbie


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                              Great Topic! I'm in the process of putting together an original band with styles ranging from Dave Matthews and Phish on one hand and Qeensryche and Pink Floyd on the other. I think I will take on the guitar responsibilities with this band. I would love to find a good V-Drummer for this project, concert goers here in Orlando really respond positively to E-Drums. I have never lived in a city where so many Drummers are using electronic drums. It must be the Disney influence down here.