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    Hello all. I'm pretty much completely new to the world of drumming, so I could use some advice here. The only playing I've ever done is while messing around on my buddy's kit while we jam. (I play da geetar reel goods like) I've been lurking around here for the past week or so, and you all seem pretty helpful, so here I go... (Sorry if this gets long)

    First off, since I'm just starting and I don't have a ton of cash, I'm trying to keep a decent budget on this. Right now I'm looking at a TD-8 and a Pintech LT9-ST kit. From midwestpercussion.com this should run me about $1,500, plus a bass pedal and throne. I've read some good things about Pintech stuff, and I've noticed some people here play them.

    I live in an apartment, so volume is a big issue for me, especially since I have wood floors so I don't have carpeting to obsorb sound. How loud (or quiet as the case may be) are mesh pads compared to rubber pads? I've only seen them in music stores, where it's generally loud anyway. My friend has rubber pads on his Yamaha kit, and his neighbor sometimes complains, although he's known for playing extremely hard. Also, while I'm on the subject, any suggestions for quieting the bass pedal if need be? (i.e. carpeting underneath them or something since I'm on the 2nd floor)

    Is a TD-8/Pintech combination good, especially considering I'm a beginner? I'm going to be doing a fair bit of recording with this to my PC, if that matters at all.

    I think those are my main concerns for now. Thanks all


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    If you want mesh heads for silent practice then the pintech pads are good. Perhaps the module TD-8 is a bit over the top for a beginner. You can try if the new Roland TD-6 or Yamaha DTXpress works with mesh headed pads as well.

    On the other hand: there will be a day on which you are not longer a beginner. And then you already invested in a good e-drum.

    Good luck


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      I agree with putt that pintech's are good. I liked the hart accupads better,but thats a matter of personal opinion for the user.I do think the td-8 would be a good choice,like rutt said,one day you'll already have it and will not be a beginer anymore.I think it's easier then a td-10 or the dmpro to use,especialy if your new to e-drums. i think you've got your ducks in a row here.
      have fun!


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        The LT9 is a good choice to start with, however be aware that the K3 kick pad included with the kit transmits some pretty hefty thumps into the floor.. Also - the TC cymbals have some "slap" to them.... Just a few pointers.

        The kit will allow expansion in the future.

        Best of luck...



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          Measure three times and cut once. My take, spend as much as you can, go as high end as you can. Nothing worst then finding out you love drumming and should have bought such and such. As far as buying drumming gear, get the best your budjet can afford, that way you will enjoy your gear more, and playing will be that much more enjoyable. TD-8 with pintec sounds like a nice set up.