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TD-10 or Drum Sample Library?

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  • TD-10 or Drum Sample Library?

    I'm a keyboard player and would like to get the opinion of you drummers. I want to add the "best " drum sounds money can buy to my studio library. Should I purchase:

    (1) The TD-10 (I would be using the TD-10 as a sound module minus the V-Drums)

    (2) If I should get the TD-10 would you r also recommend the TDW-1?

    (3) A CD-ROM Sample Library to use with my K2600R or Unity Sampler? If so which library?


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    Definitely a sample cd. Without a single doubt.
    Which library depends on what kind of music you want to make.
    I have Drumkit from Hell and I am very happy with it. I think it's great for a lot of things, metal, but also jazz and stuff. Go to the site, it has some great mp3's showing it's capabilities.
    The quality is really very high. For example the snare drum (it has six different snares or so). It's got left and right hand hits, both with 10-13 or so velocities. It's got 10 different loud hits (on different positions on the snare) and some more, and it has got all those hits, but then without the snares.
    It also has all the hits recorded in 2 ways. Close miked and room miked. In this way you can add natural reverb. All samples are stereo as well by the way.
    In this way, you can really have true drum sounds, waaaaaay better than the vdrums. (of course you'll have to program the drums well)
    The only problem is that it requires a lot of memory, but you say you want to use it in the studio, so that doesn't really matter cause there are ways to solve that.

    In my opinion a vdrum doesn't even come close. For that kind of money you can get so much more. For instance you can buy an extra sampler or whatever.

    Definitely go for a sample library (if you ask me anyway and lots of studio producers).


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      I agree, for adding sounds and home studio playing a sample CD will suffice. For live playing the e-drum wins...


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        I had a chance to use the TD-10 for a while (not enough time to full y explore all the sounds) and I found myself using the "Rock" (I think it's preset #39) for Pop/Rock slow/mid tempo songs. I checked out the TD-8 but never found my "39" type set.

        I have "Total Stereo Session Drums" (Sweetwater) and Double Platinum Drums, both of which I don't l really like the Kits much.

        I'm looking for drum sample that would work well for Pop, Rock and Country.

        I'm looking for the "BEST" drum samples available. For Orchestra there is "Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Master Set" $4000. For Brass there Quantum Leap Brass $700, For Choir and Vocal there is Symphony of Voices $499 and Vocal Planet $399, etc....... Is there a Drum library that is in the same league, the "holy grail of drum samples?



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          Have any of you checked out the "Dynamic Drum" Kits SRX expansion board? I heard these are new drums produced by Eric Persing (Spectrasonics). 64 megs of stereo samples (I think the TD-10 samples are mono) and The TDW-1 expansion card is a cut down version of samples
          from the Dynamic Drums board.


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            I have the best drum sound for the new Britney Spears song, wanna buy that?

            I'll sell you samples of all my drum kits for $7000.00.

            It's the best.

            The holy grail of drum sounds is MY kit.

            I think you might be better off to say "I want some good Jazz drum sounds", or "some good big band drum sounds." To just say the best would prompt the answer "best for WHAT?"

            If you're looking for drum sounds to accompany your "Miroslav pompous orchestral stroke" CD, you'll be better off staying pretty far away from a TD-10.

            Since you bring it up, I'm looking for some samples of the BEST keyboard sounds, and since you cute little keyboardists only have degrees of sound quality, and no real style or discipline to speak of, can you just give me the name of the BEST keyboard sounds, so I can use them in my own music. I mean, I'm not a keyboardist, but with the sounds all pre-recorded, I don't have to be. I mean, how hard can it be? You're just keyboardists.

            I've already got similar sample CDs, such as
            "The best guitar sounds" volumes 1-46 ($68874 each),
            "Hugo's pompous trumpet" ($7645),
            "Wizards of the pan flute", volume 18 ($6374) and
            "NEWNEWs best drum ideas," volume 7 ($0.14)

            all that and a thousand things more,


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              WOW! Thanks for the help and the GREAT laugh! You actually took the time to write that ? You mean there is no "Holy Grail"??? Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I should have payed more attention to that Monty Python movie.

              [This message has been edited by NEWNEW (edited March 26, 2001).]


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                The Drum Doctor CD's are great, as well as the Bob Clearmountain collection. Spectrasonics has one out that has similar sounds as the Roland XV5080 expansion cards. Sampler sounds are unbelievable in realism in my humble opinion.
                Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                  If you search the boards, there's a few mp3s of the SonicImplants kits for Gigasampler being triggered from my TD-10.