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Trade off

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  • Trade off

    I've found that due to some fairly rock-solid financial restrictions, I may have to compromise some parts of the v-custom kit and make a custom kit. I'm thinking of using three PD-5's instead of the PD-80's; a KD-7 instead of the KD-80; and possibly using one PD-7 and two PD-5's for hi hat and cymbals respectively. Are there any other alternatives? I definately want to keep the TD-8, and the PD-80R, but what should go and what should stay? Fewer pads maybe? A second and third job maybe??


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    Try shopping around for some used pads. Maybe you could find some on ebay. Also, look at hart pads, they are less expensive and work great with the td-8. I believe you can get a Hart chokable cymbal for around $80 or so. I think the pintech cymbals are in expensive also. I would start with a few pads and cymbals and expand as you can.

    just my opinion


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    Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.


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      I'm building my own pads and using real drum shells with mesh heads. My 2 bass drums are 22 x 8" with a mesh head, works and feels great. Chopped a single bass drum into 2, then added a head etc to the second drum. The drum works excellently, but I've yet to build the toms and snair, waiting for parts. Should work as good as a store bought pad if I build it properly. Time and money is the hardest thing to come by.


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        Careful, Roland will send goons to your house to beat you up.
        Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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          Thanks for all of the suggestions. This may indeed save me money that is better spent on University tuition! (Well, maybe not necessarily 'better' spent . . . )
          A few more questions: how do the pintech mesh pads compare to the roland mesh pads or even the PD-7's? If I were to have only two dual trigger pads (not including the PD-80R which I'm quite partial to) for hi hat and ride, which should I go for?

          I'm trying to keep it all under $2000 (american)Is that at all possible?

          Oh yeah, and one more thing . . . how do I avoid the goons?