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Psychotherapy: Part 1

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  • Psychotherapy: Part 1

    I called up Sam Ash 3 weeks ago and asked if they had the DTXtreme in stock yet. They said they had just received it and to try back in 2 weeks at which time it should be all set up. So I walked in today and there it was---the V Session kit! No DTXtreme in sight.But the V Session kit---in all it's red glory. Whoa. Okay, so I grabbed a pair of sticks and sat there for quite a long time testing it out oblivious to my surroundings. Locked in. Focused. On a mission from God. I left the store an hour or so later and my head was spinning out of control.
    In my car, on my way home, I thought of something I hadn't thought of since the early 80's. A buddy of mine asked me if I wanted to go see the Ramones with him. At the time I had no idea who exactly the Ramones were. Basically my tastes have always been light rock, rock, "classic mainstream" hard rock, and---pop. Hey, what can I say. Sue me. That's what I like.
    So I say to my friend "who are the Ramones and what do they play?" My friend responded "They're pretty famous---strictly rock and roll. You'll love it." Next thing I knew we were at this large music club in Washington DC and the Ramones enter, stage right. The lead singer had long straight hair, down to his waist, which I had no problem with, though it came straight down, front, back, and all around. It looked like his head was turned backwards--but it wasn't. Sort of like Cousin It on the Adams Family. No face. Just hair. The lead guitarist was dressed, decked out, all in black leather, with no shirt, a mean scowl on his face, smoking a cigarette while he was playing, with his left foot high up on a speaker. The other guitarist had a shaved head and he looked like he had just escaped from Devil's Island.
    The drummer was basically a maniac. Their first song was called "Psychotherapy." Actually, it couldn't have possibly been called anything else since the whole song, the entire song, consisted of one word, "psychotherapy" sung, no, shouted, sreamed, over and over again for at least 5 minutes with every possible tonal inflection that could be imagined. I remember the lead singer's head furiosly bobbing up and down the whole time and his amazing hair, well it was bobbing up and down furiously too.
    Meanwhile, strobe lights are flashin', colored lights are flickering, smoke is
    bellowing out, people are stage diving, moshing, and there was intense general bedlam. The sound level was mind boggling. I thought my brains were going to liquify and ooze out of every cranial orifice in my skull. My ears hurt so bad I could only sit there with my fingers "discretely" inserted in my ears, doing all I could do to cry from the pain. Looking around I was most amazed by everyone else just standing and sitting around bobbing their heads like "psychotherapy", hey yeah, I like it, I can get into it, it's got a good beat, maybe we can even dance to it,wow this is great!" At the time I just didn't understand it---until I walked out of Sam Ash today.It was like--
    a revelation after all these years. I guess it was just stuck there in the back of my cranium, waiting for a cerebral connection to be made. And then, wham, The V Sessions demo, over a decade of following of E Drums, waiting, watching from the sidelines, hoping, wishing---and
    "psychotherapy" all came crashing together in
    one bizarre synapse. On my way home from Sam Ash, more confused than ever, in my Subaru,you remember my Subaru, all I could think was
    -----Psychotherapy, psychotheralPY, PSYchoTHerapy, psYchoThEraPy, psyCHOtherapy,
    PsChOtHeRaPy, PsycOtherapy, pSYChotherapY,
    psycHoTherApy, psychotHerapy, psyCHOTherapy,
    PSCHOTHERAPy, PSYCHOtherapy...........

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    Same thing happened to me, except that it was the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.....

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      Originally posted by Mick Wade:
      Same thing happened to me, except that it was the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.....
      Ummmm, yeah. Black Sabbath backwards works for me.
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          At risk of telling my age - had to have been the ELP concert in Philly in 1976 - still blows my mind remembering Palmer do his thing!
          Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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            Originally posted by TomLandin:
            At risk of telling my age ...
            Tom, you're just a kid . M'Lady & I saw ELP in 71,72,73,74, & 77. However, for me it was ...

            April 1969, Los Angeles, CA., the Forum :

            The Jimi Hendrix Experience

            shortly after ... the Who at Anaheim(CA) Stadium : a close 2nd.

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              Marc. - you've been talking to my wife!!! She's constently telling me I'm just a 43 year old kid when I'm enjoying my V's!! Hope I never grow up.
              Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!