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Hey Puttenvr !!

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  • Hey Puttenvr !!

    I'm in Amsterdam ( vacation ) for the next Two days with my lady. I don't know if you even live close to here or not but I would love to meet you / take you out for dinner and drinks ......whatever !

    You have been such a cool dude in these forums and it would be a pleasure to meet the legend in person. ( No, I don't care if you play DDrums. )

    Anyways, I'm staying at the :

    Hotel Nova
    Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 276
    1012 RS Amsterdam
    Telephone # 31-20-6230066

    Hope to hear from you !

    Steven Hightower.

  • #2
    I called you this afternoon (15.40 pm).

    Please call me back. The lady in the hotel has my phone number.


    • #3
      Wow. Thanks for calling.
      We have been walking, and walking and walking all afternoon. I'll call as soon as we get back to the hotel.

      Thanks Puttenvr !

      Steve & Julie. 5:00 p.m. @ Central Station.


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        It's sunday morning now and we spoke to eachother yesterday evening. It was very nice to do so. Vdrums.com should have a phone company where members can speak to eachother as well.

        Happy staying in Paris Steve and Julie (can I speak to your wife as well, the next time?