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Any good *acoustic* drum forums like this one?

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  • Any good *acoustic* drum forums like this one?

    Hey all,

    I'm going to be buying some acoustic drums
    (first ones ever) in the next 6 months to year or so and I'd like to find a web forum
    similar to this one, but that discusses
    drums, cymbals, hardware, what's good, what
    sucks, etc. I know there are several acoustic drummers on here as well, and I'm
    hoping there are some recommendations...
    Please post them!

    Thanks in advance,


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    There is a newsgroup on the web called rec.musicmaker.percussion or something like that (search for percussion in your newsgroup programm)


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      Originally posted by puttenvr:
      There is a newsgroup on the web called rec.musicmaker.percussion or something like that (search for percussion in your newsgroup programm)
      That is a very good forum, though it tends to be more littered with flame wars and spam...

      I'm still there everyday.
      \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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        Try http://www.drum-talk.com/

        Reminds me somewhat of this forum... wide variety of topics discussed... "regulars" that post frequently... seems friendly enough. From my limited visits I'd say they're probably as sincere and interested as the folks here.


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          Here's another alternative--check out the new *acoustic* forum right here at vdrums.com! Sounded like a good idea, I suggested it, and...voila! $^)


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            The best thing to do is figure out what you are willing to spend and go try 'em out. I'm a Tama fan though. I've played a Granstar II for 9 years. The star-classic is awesome and if you are a real heavy player, the Arstar-custom is great to. Tama Titan hardware is top notch. I've never had a problem with it. I had a set of Ludwigs once with the modular hardware, that stuff sucks! GMS, DW and Gretsch are all good. Yamaha makes great hardware but I don't care for their drums. Pearl makes a great export kit if that is the price range you are in. That is about all Pearl makes great though aside from their new Eliminator drum pedal. But the Tama Rockstar is also a great buy in this price range. Stay away from Sonor and Premier. People say they are great but wait till you need a part for them!! There is my 2 cents. Buy what you like and can afford.

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              Originally posted by Eric:
              Stay away from Sonor and Premier. People say they are great but wait till you need a part for them!!
              In some countries it's only A or B, black or white. Bush or Gore. No third or fourth choice. Stay away from that brand 'cause you can't get any parts, here. Pitty...


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                I think if I were to buy a kit now, I'd pick up DWs. They have some wonderful drum kits.

                I own Yamaha's now, and they are nice drums, despite what that tool Eric says (joke). I'll never get rid of my Yamaha's, I love them.



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                  Hey, where in MA are you?

                  I'm in MA....



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                    I'm pretty new to the edrum world (but am having a blast so far), but I've been playing acoustic kits for a while now. I've owned Gretch, Tama, and recently a Yamaha and I'd have to agree with Binary that I'm happiest with my Yamahas...I really dig em'. If I had my wish , though, there is no question in my mind whatsoever...DW all the way!! DW makes the best drums and hardware on the market in my opinion. The resonance inherent in these Drums is incredible and, when tuned correctly, the entire kit "sings". Each shell on the collectors series kits is frequency matched so that the fundmentals on one drum will stimulate all the others...i.e. you hit the high tom and the whole kit just "comes alive". These drums are an incredible example of quality and craftsmanship. DW, however, can get pretty expensive...and then you still have harware and cymbals...that's a whole other ball game.
                    My advice is to stick to the name brands: Tama, Yamaha, Pearl, Ludwig, DW...and you can't go wrong. All of these brands have pretty good mid-range kits that are very good quality and very affordable. Just stay away from the "Low" level kits, they are not worth the few hundred bucks in savings. Good luck and happy shopping.


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                      I didn't say they weren't nice, I just said I didn't care for them. I will agree with you, the DW's are awesome, but I would have to go with a Star Classic maple instead.

                      Binary, joke well taken

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                        Sort of doing this in a hurry. Didn't read thru this thread so I hope someone hasn't already posted this site.

                        Here is a drum forum almost the same as vdrums:

                        I just found and posted there about a mesh head question. These places can usually be pretty harsh on Edrummers. Guess I'll find out .

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                          A few general drum forums to "play" in... some are better than others, as you would expect.