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Newbie: comments/prices/and Midi ?'s

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  • Newbie: comments/prices/and Midi ?'s

    Hey everyone! I got the V's a few months ago and love them. I've played live with them and had a good response and alot of drummers checking them out before and after the show. I got a great deal on them too, $3,620... that is with the KD120 instead of the KD7 (no taxes unless in Florida and no S & H). I was fortunate to see a live demo of them a few years ago when I worked in a music store; unfortunately my bosses wouldn't let me have a discount. I love playing them and recording with them in my dorm room... I'm of course now broke and in debt... but they were a need because I haven't been able to play drums much since I started college almost three years ago.
    Could anyone give some advice on how to use my synthesizers midi information with my V's?
    I have a Roland XP-30. Can the drum sounds that are in the synth be used in making kits or at least triggered from the drums? How can I use the instruments that are in the drums from my synth?
    any information will be helpful...

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    Connect the Vdrums and synth with two MIDI cables. MIDI IN to MIDI OUT and vice versa.

    Then adjust the correct MIDI channel on both devices. In general drum sounds are on channel 10 (in the vdrums as well in the synth). The Vdrums have their instrument sounds on different channels but you can change them. Next pick a drum pad and look which MIDI note number is assigned to this pad. For instance number 36. This 36 will trigger a C# on the keyboard.

    Vice versa you can trigger Vdrum sounds from the keyboard by assigning MIDI channel 10 to the patch which you play on the keyboard and then look which sound is assigned to the black of white key you play.