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To all British members...

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  • To all British members...

    I am now seriously looking forward to studying in England next year,and I have been looking for a good university/college that teaches electronic music(not too far from London though).Already found the London College of Music and Media,and the Brighton university(digital music).
    I've been once to England ,and I loved it,but I don't know much things about this field of education,so any infos/suggestions
    would be really appreciated.
    Thanx in advance.

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    The Academy of Contemporary Music in my home town (Guildford) is pretty good. It's just moved to custom-made premises (and the drum department is kitted out with 8 V-Custom kits). My wife did a vocal course there rated it highly. I think the current head drummer is Mike Sturgis (Aishbone Ash and sesssion musician). I've seen him play several times and he's excellent.

    Check out www.acm.ac.uk


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      Heres another link for you. http://www.drum-tech.co.uk

      Good luck with your studying.

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