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Triggering acoustic cymbals

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    Feefer and BtnkBndt,

    How about that foam stuff they have at all
    the Home Depots. I think it's found around or
    in the plumbing section. It's long and tubular in shape with a slit down the center
    and with a sticky adhesive on either side of
    the slit. How about if that could be fit
    around one third or one fourth of the cymbal
    making it bottom heavy so the cymbal wouldn't turn or rotate as it's played.
    Then .......oh hell, I'm gettin' tired, I have to go to bed.... could something be fashioned of a harder nature that could be
    shaped like the foam piece and then slipped under the upper edge of the foam piece. If the piezo is then placed under the harder material it might trigger whenever and wherever the foam piece is struck.
    Do you know the basics of how a Roland cymbal is constructed ? The mechanism of the V Drums is so obvious,or has become so obvious. But the cymbals !! How in the heck do they work ?? What's in there behind the rubber coating ?? Do you know ?? How is it you can strike anywhere on the pad or rim and get a sound ?? Magic I guess. Maybe I'll figure it out in my dreams tonight. Ciao.

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