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TD-8 and acoustic triggers

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  • TD-8 and acoustic triggers

    Hello all!

    My band will be playing clubs and we'r
    thinking about buying triggers for drummers
    acoustic set to beef and tighten it up a
    little bit. Does anyone have any experience
    with acoustic triggering, which triggers
    did you use? Any general advice? I'd hate to
    buy something that doesn't work well with

    Thanx a ton!

    Matej Grginic

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    You really should call Roland directly and talk to someone who knows for sure. I don't have any idea, but Roland, in my experience will have a great deal of problems triggering from acoustic drums, it's just not made for it. Like say, I don't really know for sure, but if the answer from Roland is no, all is not lost. A company called K&K makes a device specificaly for this purpose called the Trig Master. You plug the triggers into it and then plug it into the inputs on the module and voila, clean triggering from acoustic drums, all the big tours use them. http://www.kksound.com/trigmaster.html

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