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live radio show w/ v's

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  • live radio show w/ v's

    To DJourg or anyone in chicago:Our trio, Sacred Baboons will be playing live on the radio, thur feb 15 at 10:00 pm on WZRD 88.3 fm.Its a weak collage radio station only on the north side or near north suburbs.I will be playing my v's. (cannot wait for new ride)

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    It's going on my calendar, CPG. Reception is tough on that end of the dial, though...probably get some religious station. What town is it being broadcast from?

    Also: Any live dates coming up? You have me curious. And I still want to know about the Rashied Ali playing V-drums thing (new album? tour?)



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      secred baboons will be playing at myopic books in wicker park (across from club holiday) monday march 3 7:30pm say HI. WZRD 88.3 is northeastern IL university 5500 n. st. louis chicago----clay


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        I saw Rashied Ali in a old copy of wire playing V's


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          I've heard about Myopic, never been there. I'll check you guys out, work/weather permitting. Will you be playing the V's there?



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            no,sorry a free gig, im not going to hall a P.A around. the radio will have v's.


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              Just a reminder to Chicago-area V-enthusiasts that tonight is the night for CPGrossman's broadcast. 88.3 FM, my bet is to get good reception you'll have to be in the north side area -- it's a small college station. I'll be tuning in -- hell, I'll probably tape it.

              Good luck on your broadcast, CPG.


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                If its not to much trouble upload a bit of that tape so we all can here it. That is if Mr.cpgrossman doesn't mind?


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                  Ah, the joys and frustrations of college radio.

                  The evening starts frustratingly enough when I try to tune in the station on every radio in my house. Weak college station signal. I can only get it on one - a 15-year-old boom box with a broken tape deck - but the static is very loud. In short, no tape.

                  My car radio tunes it in much better. I figure a nighttime drive will be relaxing. The station is only about a 20-minute drive away (I know this because I have a friend who lives across the street from the University on St. Louis Ave.) so I head in that direction at about 9:30.

                  One of the joys of a good college radio station is the unrestrained, unapologetic eclectic experimentation that you get. Between 9:30 and 10:00 they play a Runaways tune (Joan Jett and Lita Ford's first band), a long John Cage minimalist piano piece, and a Profkiev (sp?) march. I wish all radio was this varied.

                  At 10:00 a new d.j. comes on (hard to tell -- no introduction) and plays a 'Mutt' Carey tune from the 20's, then a later Dixie revival version of 'Tiger Rag'. Then another minimalist piano tune, then a freaky sound collage created by overdubbed guitar effects (Bernard Falaise? -- the D.J. doesn't announce the tunes, either) and then a track from the eighties. By this time there has been no mention of the Sacred Baboons and it's about 10:30. I figure I might've screwed up the date or the time or they cancelled or who knows what, so I start to head home.

                  At 10:36 the d.j. comes on and announces that, like every Thursday night, he has a live in-studio band -- tonight, the Sacred Baboons. Well all right.

                  They go right into the music. Based on previous posts on this site and a couple of visits to sacredbaboons.com I had an idea of what to expect; guitar-based free improvisation. I prepped myself during the day by listening to Daedel with Derek Baily and Susie Ibarra and the Tony Oxley Quartet album which also features Bailey.

                  O.K., the music: Let's begin with the guitar/bass -- excellent. I was a little afraid that there would be a lot of cliched guitar noise -- mainly, 70's-metal type feedback and distortion. There was none of this, and yet they were able to play heavy sounds. Both players wrested original sounds out of their instruments, trying their best to sound like something other than guitar and bass. And the sounds were fresh (though some of this might have been the result of a use of synth?) and there was enough variation in texture and dynamics to sustain the improvisation.

                  Now, the V-drums.

                  The piece began with swirling of noise, and then what do I hear? The pitch-bending marimba on Tom 4 in 'Spooky'...more sounds I know intimately...he's on the 'Spooky' patch, doesn't sound like there's been any tweaking...

                  I laughed. I was so happy to hear the 'Spooky' patch on the radio. I go through the days with these sounds in my head, or just by myself when I'm playing. I was overjoyed. I must've looked like a grinning idiot behind my steering wheel. A kindred soul.

                  Wait. Now it's the 'Pot Drum' patch...all right. I'm like a kid in the candy store.

                  Through the next 17 minutes or so I hear some acoustic patches...some electronic sounds...the 'brushes' patch. Every new patch brought a smile to my face.

                  Now, I hate to do it, but I've got to give my honest opinion: the V-drums sounded thin. I don't know what they were running through, but they needed some beefing up -- better bass? more ambience? -- especially with that wall-of-sound guitar/bass combo. CPGrossman, I don't mean to slam you, but this was very evident.

                  I had expected some customization, also, considering the 'mad scientist' approach to the other instruments...all the v-drums sounds seem to have come straight from the factory patches and settings. There's a lot you can do with this module to compete with the other two players.

                  So for 17 minutes the improvisation continues, great, I'm enjoying it, then--

                  The sound cuts out. Dead air. At 10:53. I check other stations, they're fine. CPGrossman, were you aware that the station cut out for 10 whole minutes? At 11:03 the station comes back, you guys are still playing, but by 11:05 the piece ends.

                  So even if I did tape it there would have been that dead space. Equipment failure -- another college radio frustration.

                  Right after the piece a long electronica song comes on (it makes amusing use of a Stephen Hawking-type vocal simulator) and then a d.j. comes on. Doesn't introduce himself but before long I figure out it's CPGrossman himself -- he introduces his bass player and guitarist, so by process of elimination it's him.

                  Then him and the boys shoot the **** for several minutes. Very amusing. Another joy of college radio are these glimpses of people being themselves, fearlessly, speaking their minds, none of the phoniness of radio biz 'pros.' CPG actually refers to a local club owner as an '*******' on the air.

                  CPG makes one reference to the v-drums. He talks about the 'unusual instrumentation' of the group, i.e. electronic drums, but won't say the name of the manufacturer because they're not giving him an endorsement! Stick it to the man! (alas, he gives away something by referring to them as 'V...Virtual drums').

                  So they go on about books, politics, musical influences, and there is a promising reference to 'jazz nazis' that I would have liked to hear more about, but then they start playing records, there's no reference to them playing another song or further conversation. It's after 11:30 and it's past my bedtime, so I head for home.

                  A long-winded review, to be sure. Overall I dig their sound, and CPGrossman I'll see you at your Myopic gig. You've gained a fan.


                  P.S. Apparently there is a Sacred Baboons CD. So those with an open mind may want to check it out.


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                    I've been talking to some drummers around orlando that use their V-drums live, and according to them if you want a "full sound" you need to get a Sonic Maxamizer(?) BBE.
                    I understand you can buy a 2 channel version which would be good for stereo applications. Has anyone tried this? Is it worth the $150 price tag? One guy I talked to wouldn't even consider playing live with out it, he said he rather dig out his old Ludwig kit. I would love to give it try!


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                      Sonic Maxamizer(?) BBE. What does it do ?? Does anyone have a link to such a device.



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                        A Sonic Maximizer has two functions. First, it will boost or cut 50Hz up to 10dBu either way. Second, according to the manual: "The BBE Process gives the user a more detailed perception of tonality, added "bite" and an increase in clarity. The low frequency range of the program material will be tightened while the high end will be crystal clear without adding or creating any additional noise or harmonic distortion."

                        The BBE 462, which I have, is extremely easy to use. Two knobs for left, two knobs for right. One on each side controls the bass boost or cut and the other two control the BBE process. The BBE 462 can be used as a stereo unit or two mono units. Also, there is an in/out switch to compare the sound. We use one inserted into our Mackie CFX 16. Absolutely killer piece of equipment!

                        Think of the BBE as extended tone controls and you're on the right track. I've been told the BBE process delays the bass frequencies up to approximately 5 ms, thereby seeming to boost the frequencies around 2500 - 3000. It really fattens and clarifies the sound. Works wonderfully for vocals, also. I consider it a necessity on stage.

                        Most online stores sell them. BBE Sonic Maximizer 462, 482, 862, etc.




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                          Hey Jourg -

                          That was a great review. Not only informative, but funny as well.




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                            No, thank you.


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                              Originally posted by cpgrossman:
                              secred baboons will be playing at myopic books in wicker park (across from club holiday) monday march 3 7:30pm
                              CPGrossman, March 3 is a Saturday. Monday is the 5th. My bet is that the gig is on Monday, but would you please confirm?

                              You may also want to check out your website. I couldn't get through either the 'Listen to the Music' or 'More Avant-Garde Music' links.

                              I'm really looking forward to seeing your band.

                              [This message has been edited by DJourg (edited February 19, 2001).]