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Vdrum mp3's

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  • Vdrum mp3's

    I don't know if anyone's posted this url before but here's some online lessons performed by a pretty cool drummer on a Vpro set (RealAudio and MP3 format): www.thedrumclub.com/DRUMSET/clubhouse/CLUBHOUSE2.HTM


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    And yet another cool Mp3, Thanks !


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      This flood of mp3's on vdrums has been a long time coming.

      It's great!


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        Although there are some cool grooves in here and it's really tight, I've heard the v-drums sound better. That sounds like a stock kit to me. And, also, unless I'm way off base and suck as a player more than I knew (I pride myself on sticking to a click but maintaining feel) at least some of these clips are quantized. Listen to fill #3 on the second page. It's just a bit too clinical.

        I could be wrong...this guy may spend his days and nights woodshedding while I post my opinions and study for Microsoft tests!

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          I'm led to belive that this kid doesn't own those drums,

          1) you're right, the kit seems untweaked.
          2) they say things like "Here's a pic of Danny funkin' out on our new V-Pro set!"
          3) why wouldn't he be here with us? Danny? Hello?

          I might be wrong, just a thought.



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            Nice posting the MP-3's of Dan's drumming. Any more postings of MP-3's of the V Drum elsewhere? I enjoy listening to drums of all sorts. How many real kits are contained in the TD-8 or 10's? I played around with a TD-10 and most of the kits were, to put it politely, gimmicy and nothing I'd find usefull in the music I play. Need realistic kits only. I did enjoy the sound of one kit that sounded very acoustic. But for that one kit, over a dozenor more non usable kits. Does the TD-8 or 10 have the ability to have new sounds added, if so how? Anyone try loading real drum sounds, and any MP3 samples. Thanks for any replies.


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              Those excercises are definitely using preset kits and MIDI. Every dynamic is identical and sounds totally unrealistic. Played by a human on a proper patch the Vs sound 100 times better.

              I think one of the major reasons V-Drums put off some potential buyers is the weakness of the preset kits. In an A/B comparison with another kit in a shop, usually the other kit wins. To really hear the Vs you basically have to erase the presets and design from scratch. I use maybe two of the preset kits in a tweaked form. All the rest are custom.

              Also where most manufacturers give you a wealth of samples, each individual patch on the Vs can be tweaked to a virtually indistinguishable form. One snare that you discounted last week as unusable can crop up sounding totally different after a couple of parameter changes. Unfortunately you'll never find a tweaked TD-10 on the shop floor.

              I still keep finding new sounds on my Vs and I haven't even started playing with Shack adapters yet.......


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                Those MP3'S sound great!

                Wish I could find a host that would not give me such difficulty when I try to upload MP3's. The best I can do is the Real Audio format.

                I'll keep searching...

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                  So put them up there eithr in zip form or rename them to *.zip and add a note that they need to be renamed to mp3 on the page.

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                    Although there are some cool grooves in here and it's really tight, I've heard the v-drums sound better

                    Both the playing and sounds suck. Not worth downloading them!