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Cymbal Tweaking! heLP!

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  • Cymbal Tweaking! heLP!

    yeah..i'm using a set with the quick and thin 18" crashes..but sometimes i like to play straight beats on the crash..however, with V's this seems to produce a weird reloading sound...how can i tweak it to make it sound smooth , and realistic...

    Vdrum - Pro , TD-8, using standard issue cymbal pads

    hit harder???
    hit harder???

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    It sounds like the crash sounds are set to mono, or semi, or you have them set to the same exclusive group.
    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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      The TDW-1 has crash/ride options, don't know about the TD-8 though. It was discussed awhile back on the following thread. The TD-8 was mentioned.