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A dum (but nice) Brit with some stupid questions........help!!!

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  • A dum (but nice) Brit with some stupid questions........help!!!

    I am wondering if any of you kind people can help me with the following:

    1. Does anyone know the noise comparison between the new Roland symbals and existing PD7/9 etc? Playing in an apartment, it is the one thing that still holds me back - tap, tap, tap, tap and a pain in the arse neighbour.

    2. Does anyone know of any sites out there that offer good drum part transcriptions or tabs that don't require a degree to calculate how to work them out?

    3. Finally, and please excuse my lack of IT knowledge......

    Is it possible to play midi or similar files through computer software which will print out the drum part in understandable notation? If so, what software would you reccomend and where can I find reliable and accurate midi files?

    In reverse, can I play the V Drums through the same software to print out what I am playing?

    Thanks in advance for all you help.

    P.S. Will be starting to gig a little locally in due course. I see a couple of bands a week in different venues and I have yet to come accross anything other than acoustic kits. From small acorns and all that, maybe I can change the world....or at least.....England....well, maybe just a small suburb of London.

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    Hi Julester,
    Don't know about the first two questions, but the MIDI one...
    It is perfectly possible to print out MIDI files as notation, and to record and print out your own performances. Sibelius and Emagic Logic Audio are good, current examples of capable software. Unfortunately, it's not that easy! I've tried it once or twice, but to get the music on the stave correctly, including and omitting as neccesary the perf. directions etc. takes some time. Given the repetetive nature of most drum parts, it's often quicker to write the part on to the stave from scratch. If anyone out there knows of any s/ware that expedites this, I'd sure like to hear about it!
    btw, I'm based in South London, and gig all the time, sometimes with the V's- check www.jamiefisher.com
    Dtxtreme III
    Sonor Phonic Rosewood
    Sabian HHX / Zildjian K


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      Click on: www.drumbum.com and go into their lessons sections, IT'S BLOODY HUGE!!!

      "The internet's first and largest Drum Lesson Database!"

      Have many vdrums members come acroos this great site before for lessons?

      If not I'll post it with its own topic.