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Mackie Question

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  • Mackie Question

    After reading the posts about a good monitor Mackie seems to get a lot of thumbs up. I play in several groups (jobbing). Some use the PA for drums, but other gigs are low profile with sound off stage (nothing miked) except vocals. With the sound off stage gigs, would a single Mackie perform well as a sound system for e-drums in a hall. (ie firehall, Legon etc). How much poop will that baby muster up if the boys wanna crank it? Can it inflict pain if the need be without breaking up? I'm not talking rock concert volume, but want to know how much head room the Mackie has in the event the guys turn up, thus I want my drums heard. Thanks for any advice.

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    I don't know how to quantify what you are asking. Let's just say they get PDL! Pretty,Damn,Loud. I'd rather use the Mackies than use a keyboard or bass amp. I have never used just one Mackie, but I did use one G2 at a small gig and it was more than enough. So based on that experience, I'd say the Mackie would work just as well.


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      Our band opted for the JBL Eons over the Mackie's basically because they have a 15" woofer opposed to the Mackie's 12" for the same wattage & price. We use them for monitors and the v's sound great through them. Either should work fine but the EON's have a little more low end. I do seriously dig the Blue power LED on the Mackie's though.


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        I'm not sure about the specs on the eons, but I do know that the Mackies go unusually low for a 12" speaker. I can't recall the exact specs, so you might want to check it out. I get a lot of low end from mine, and it always helps to corner it if possible.


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          I have two SRM450's and they are very loud, but more importantly, very clean and crisp sounding. I am real happy with them. For practice and playing at home I run them in stereo laying down on either side of me. At gigs I run them in mono, with one at my side and one at the front of the stage for the band and bass player to hear.

          I have not heard the G2s, but the specs show them as 2dB louder on peak (remember it takes 10dB to be twice as loud), and have about another 10Hz worth of low end. They are also somewhat larger, but weigh 5 lbs less.
          Tom Conner


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            I just received my second mackie yesterday, but I have not had a chance to check it out. I can't wait to try it.

            Are you using a mixer with this setup? When you run the mackies mono are you daisy chaining them? Just curious because I have a carvin mixer comming and I am not sure how I want to run the mackies.


            Pearl drums converted with hart adc, roland kd7's, pd 120 for snare, various roland rubber pads, hart e cymbals and pads, td8, td6, 2 mackie srm450s and mackie sub. mackie sr 24-4 mixer........and always growing.