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Ho-made PD-100

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  • Ho-made PD-100

    Has anyone tried taking out the Roland trigger and mounting it to a real tom with a mesh head?
    I was thinking about trying this with my PD-80 triggers. By taking a crappy tom and cutting it in half then put a piece of wood across the bottom and mount the trigger.
    If anyone has tried this please let me know.

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    Acoustic Conversion

    Its a very simple project if your competent with your abilities. This is my setup. There are other sites around with conversion instructions besides mine.


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      This is the nicest work I've ever seen, in or outside of a drum company. You should sell kits, you'd make a fortune.
      Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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        You'll also want to check out the build your own site at ElectronicDrums.com if you're serious about building your own. They've designed a nice trigger for the Pearl Rhythm Traveler (which comes with mesh heads). You won't need to buy Roland's replacement cones to build it.


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          Is it possible to buy the rhythm traveler toms seperately?
          All I really need is 2 10" and 2 12" toms to trigger.


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            Hey Jim, Thanks. That means alot comming from the man in the know!


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              I tried to order just the 12" drum from the Rhythm Traveller set through my local drum shop - they said you can only buy it as a kit (someone else might have had some luck??)

              You will probably come across this anyway, but see:

              If you want to make some "Ho-made" drums you can buy the 10" and 12" shells very cheap, buy the hoops/hardware cheap, and then get Btnkbndt's instructions along with the Roland cones and triggers.


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                Almost any tom could be used with a modified version of the Logiztix design. There are inexpensive add-on tom packs w/ stands (Pearl, Sunlite, Percussion Plus) that you could convert. (The original Logiztix prototype on their membership site is actually a 10" timbale. I tried to post the picture, but it requires a login to their site.)

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                  Man, after reading this subject you should see the image of an assembly line that I conjured up! $^) $^) It's gotta be Friday.....


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                    WOW BtnkBndt !!

                    I totally agree with Jrcel, what high quality gizmos. Man what a cool site , Thanks. DRoooollll !!!

                    You the man.



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                      Went to that cite and it has posted plans to transform practice pads into epads. Used the idea on my 12 snair and it works nicely. Could not find other info on the trigger for the pearl rhythm traveller kit. I discovered the pearl mesh heads do not work as well as the pintec mesh head when building a e drum. Going to try the roland cone idea with the real drum using non mesh heads as posted above in BtnkBant's cite. Be nice to get a trigger that works well with Pearl's mesh head though. I think the mesh is too fine thus hits ie: vibrations on outer edge do not reach trigger area as well as a tighter mesh IE: pintec's mesh. Quoted: "They've designed a nice trigger for the Pearl Rhythm Traveler (which comes with mesh heads). You won't need to buy Roland's replacement cones to build it." Could not find those plans, perhaps I need to be a member to gain access.


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                        >COULD NOT FIND OTHER INFO ON THE TRIGGER.

                        You need to become a member (I think it's about $20).


                        Why would you build a pad with the roland cone idea with a real head??? It's designed to work with mesh heads, they are much quiter, the positional sensing is designed using the mesh head and you can buy them cheaply as a spare from roland - you said you've already got a 12" drum to use.


                        I think you will find that members that have tried the Pearl Rhythm Traveller conversion have had success with it, and I personally have had success using single ply "triggerhead" mesh heads with hoop mount Ddrum triggers, I am talking here about base drum and toms. The only downfall with a single ply mesh head is when you try to use it for your snare (especially a larger 14"). If you want to tighten it to a realistic tension - it will stretch over time, therefore the 2 ply rolands at the smaller 12" diameter are better for this application and can go much tighter.

                        My single ply heads which are triggered are very sensitive and can be triggered with my fingers.

                        PS: Rolands replacement cones and piezo sensors are still very cheap to buy, so why not use what the V-Drums series modules are designed to work with if your going to build your own.

                        Just a thought

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                          You mean you have a drum pad made by a Ho.
                          Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                            The Pearl heads will work fine, but if you are a heavy hitter they will not hold up long at all. Buy them in quantity. I have both the Pearls and the Pintechs and find the Pintechs are much better. Alot of the confusion comes from the fact that Pintech has changed materials a few times. They once even made two plys, I have some. Pintech has discontinued the acoustech line and if they do have them they are ridiculously expensive. I guess I need to order some of those Triggerheads myself.


                            The reason for the real head option is some people have asked for a more realistic feel than the spongy mesh or hard Remo pad. Using the crossmember center foam contact design and edge muffled actual drum heads gives the exact feel of an acoustic drum. This way there is no foam directly beneath the head to give you that terrible Remo practice pad feel. Just an option.

                            I really don't want to piss anyone off but.... I have to ask. What has been taught at that site that has not been seen on this forum? No you won't have to buy those expensive $5 Roland cones . Whats $5 bucks when you've just spend how much on a module? Why cut corners where it counts the most? For $20 bucks you would have already paid for four.

                            Most of what I learned myself came from this site. How hard is it to wire up a piezo and stick a piece of foam on it then proceed to mount it under a drum head? ChaChing$$ . Is there something there I'm missing? Some people take real advantage of the naive. Reminds me of those ads in the back of Popular Mechanics.

                            Remmember this is "MY OPINION ONLY". So feel free to slam the hell out of me. This is an old subject.

                            drmoze: Sounds like work?!?!

                            suuntov: Thanks man! I did nothing but take a well proven VDrum design and show how to adapt it to an existing kit.