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Answers for Indra and BtnkBndt

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  • Answers for Indra and BtnkBndt

    Sorry, but the topic with the pictures in it was so large and slow, I decided to answer the two questions from Indra and BtnkBndt here.

    Originally posted by Indra:
    Hey Puttenvr, question... It looks like you are using an acoustive kit with a ddrum module triggering your toms snare and bass???
    No, I only trigger my acoustic snare and bass drum. I play both these instruments because I could not find a decent trigger pad (bass) and decent feel (snare) to go 'all electronic'. The toms look like acoustic drums, but they are drum pads with a trigger and a kilogram foam into it.

    Just trying to figure out why ur using ddrum module to gain more realistic acoustic sounds if your already using an acoustic kit

    It's about wanting to play with a live (or studio) drum sound (1), about wanting to have more than 1 sound (2) and about wanting to control my sound (3)

    (1) I always prefer a fat live sound. In many clubs I don't have that sound because I don't play my acoustic drums through a (large) sound system every time. Only at large clubs or festivals. With e-drums I can have this sound where I want.
    (2) I always loved having fat Pinstripe tom toms, a set of open sounding Ambassador toms and some roto toms. As you see: only 3 kinds of sound When I played acoustic I also frequently changed my kits with these components. With e-drums I have them all.
    (3) Well ya know this. Most sound engineers kill a good drum sound. On festivals I can never hear the differences between a DW kit and Pearl Export. Only a few professional bands with their own sound engineer have a good drum sound. With e-drums I control my sound.

    Originally posted by BtnkBndt:
    Putt uses very cool pads. What was that companies web page again?

    But, the drumpads are so succesful, they are no longer made Only a jungle snare is left

    [This message has been edited by puttenvr (edited February 08, 2001).]