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Sound Diver 3.0

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  • Sound Diver 3.0

    I finally received Sound Diver 3.0 from my dealer last Monday. After ripping the box I found a CD, a manual and a registration card. Threw away the box, gave the registration card to my 2 years old daugther, skipped the manual and went straigh to install the CD.
    The instalation is fairly simple and in my case it went without any problem. No problem either to recognize my Guillemot ISIS Maxi Studio as MIDI interface.
    One thing that may bother a little is that you have to "authorize" your HD and from time to time you'll be asked to do it again. To do this you need the original CD which will be scanned. I'm not sure they will prevent piracy but certainly they will annoy me a lot.
    Anyhow. After the installation is finished, or better before you start, you must connect the TD-10 and turn it on. Then double click on the new Sound Diver icon and cross the fingers
    The first thing you see is the Install windows that let's you select the proper device from the 500+ instrument list, or if you have enough time you can scan them all. The scan what it does is send specific requests to the instrument and waits for the answer.
    Since I was in a hurry to see my TD-10 connected I searched and selected the TD-10 Expanded manually.
    I also saw the TD-8, TD-7, Yamaha's DTX-2, SPD-8, SPD-11, SPD-20, but no Ddrum (sorry Puttenvr) and some other older drum machines. Of course the majority of instruments are keyboards.
    After selecting the module I add it and Sound Diver started the automatic configuration. It downloaded all data from the TD-10 and displayed it after finished.

    In less than a minute I changed the global output assigment and corrected the trigger bank#1. All changes were immediately reflected in the TD-10.

    Well, I wanted to tell you about the installation process, the functions reviews will come later as I go through them. All I can say is that I am more than happy with the little I saw and used. I also plan to post some screenshots on my web page, will let you know when.


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    Hi again,
    You can see pictures of screens at