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    Does anyone know about any recordings available that actually feature v-drums?

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    (i almost never say this) but please use the search button for

    = recordings
    = mp3.com


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      Putt, after my search...

      I am aware of Omar's 'groovesmith', but some of the others listed are new to me.

      I am assuming there are not many other c.d's for purchase that use v-drums. is this true? I combed the searches Putt offered, and although I may have missed the key thread, I did not find much.

      Also, I looked at the " who plays v's" section, but for example. Hawkins may play around with the v's, but I do not think he uses them on the Foo's recordings. (based on his article in EQ mag, where there is no mention of using v's in the studio) Am I wrong?

      It sure would be swell to have an actual listed library of those ever-elusive c.d's that have v's on them. Maybe the list we compile here could then be posted in the " who plays v's" section. That is, if there is a list to compile.

      Blah, blah YAk.


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        The new king crimson if you can call it that "construction of light" or something like that uses v's exclusively. But I don't think they did a very good job recording them.



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          I might have seen Lenny K's drummer with a few PD-?s on her set during a recent SNL performance...

          \oo/_ _\oo/

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          \oo/_ :mad: _\oo/


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            It may not be the profesional quality you're looking for but here it is... http://www.infinitehelix.com/


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              It's great to see that there are still an over abundance of parody bands coming from Wisconsin (ironically known as the land of cheese).


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                  It was a dig at the Infinite Helix link. Their music is a bit...hmmm...raw.

                  Two words come to mind ..."Click track."


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                    I think all of Orgy's CD's have V's on them, with real cymbals. But I believe the drums are V's.



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                      The stuff on infinitehelix.com is raw because most of it is live recordings.
                      We don't really have the time or money to sit down and edit plus we don't really know what we are doing we just play instruments.