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V-cymbals/TDW-1 from Roland.ca

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  • V-cymbals/TDW-1 from Roland.ca

    I wrote an e-mail to roland.ca saying what's up with the upgrade for the TDW-1 and the new v-cymbals , and this is what they said .Don't know if this is true or not ,I guess we will find out in the months to come.
    This is what they told me.......We don't have any new V-Drum brochures or brochures on the Roland V-Cymbals
    yet. As far as the TDW-1 upgrade, this will be included with V-Cymbal
    purchases by TD-10 owners. More information on exactly how we will do this
    will be released once we get it. The upgrade will allow for optimum
    V-Cymbal Control and positional sensing.
    Just thought I'd post this for everyone. ~REDMAN~

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    [This message has been edited by redman (edited January 25, 2001).]

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    Usually it takes a while since the pre-release in NAMM and the distribution. I recall going straigth to the store in Japan when I first saw the PD-80 in the web, and not only the store knew anything about it but neither Roland Tokyo.



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      It is sounding more and more like an operating system upgrade. This can be done via the memory backup slot, so maybe they are planning to send out a rom card to every shop that stocks the Vcymbals.



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        Just went in to my local music shop to order the TDW-1 upgrade I've been longing to get and Roland informed the dealer that all the cards they had in stock in Vancouver had been returned to Roland for the V Cymbal upgrade and they were unsure as to when they would get them back. Has anyone else in here heard of this???