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how to take apart a Yamaha tp80 pad

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  • how to take apart a Yamaha tp80 pad

    It's very simple really, the rubber surface is held in place by
    friction and three rubber cement points. The glued ponts are there
    only to hold the rubber wrap around in place during shipping and
    handling of the product and can be removed with no ill effect to the
    pad's functon. Turn the pad over so the suface is away from you, next
    take a small flat headed screw drive and gently lift the wrap around
    and slide the screw driver until you find the first of three places
    where the glue has been apllied. Gently lift, breaking the seal, it
    takes a little bit of force, be careful you don't break the plastic
    back of the pad. After you locate and remove each of the glue points,
    just remove the wrap around from the plastic back of the pad, be
    careful not to pull the wires loose. Every part of this pad is
    replaceable, you will also notice that the resonating plate
    ie:surface back, is made of heavy duty thick aluminum, not flimsey
    plywod like other manufacturers. It's a little more difficult to get
    the wrap around back in place, I would only suggest taking the pad
    appart if someting breaks and need repairs. This pad should , with a
    little care, last a very long time
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