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custom rack

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  • custom rack

    Hi everybody,

    I have the v-pro set, but haven't liked the rack very much. I play out alot and don't like lugging the rack everywhere I go.

    I have been thinking about trying to replace it for a while and was wondering if a rack built out of pvc pipe would be sturdy enough.

    On a different subject,
    Has anybody heard of a multipad midi drum controller similar to drumkat? I read that they went out of business a couple of years ago, and haven't been able to find one anywhere. The spd-20 would work except that I don't need sounds built in.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.


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    I don't think a rack from pvc will be strong enough. Also realize that you need to buy factory-made clamps and hardware anyhow and since the're made of metal they will eat in the plastic.

    The Roland Octapad II (PAD 80) was a fine controller with up to 3 notes at 1 pad (for playing chords) and no sounds in it. Perhaps you can find a used one.


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      Drumkat out of buisiness? I don't think so. Jrcel would not let that happen . http://www.alternatemode.com Check at Speir music on Garland rd. in Garland, seems like I saw some Kat stuff there.

      If its the weight of the rack go with aluminum. I believe both Hart and Pintech sell aluminum racks. If you have the cash, check the carbonlite racks. As Putt said, I don't think the pvc will hold up. Especially to repeated tear downs.


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        Thanks, I'll look at the other racks you talked about.

        I had seen something on drumtech's website that said drumkat was out of business, but I guess they were wrong.

        Thanks again you guys!!