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Hot Deal on a TD-10!

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  • Hot Deal on a TD-10!

    Well guess what, my e-Bay TD-8 was suppose to arrive today-but it didn't. The guy calls me instead and to make a long story short he can't get me one for a couple weeks, and offered a full refund. I then decide to call 8th Street Music to find out if they have any TD-8's and how much. Well they said they wouldn't have any for another 5 days at least BUT he said they did have some "B-stock TD-10's" if I was interested for $795 shipped! That's about HALF PRICE so needless to say I ordered the TD-10(should be here wed. 1/17) . They said the B-stock carries the same warrenties and would only have maybe a cosmetic blemish and/or dinged up box. And if for any reason I didn't like it I could send it back for a full refund. Not only that but the guy who screwed me on the TD-8 said he will get me a TDW1 at his cost, about $240 shipped to make up for the mistake! So I think I made out awesome, just have to wait a bit longer. My Custom AX is just sitting there silently taunting me-ARghh! You guys think I'm getting a sweet deal? Anybody like the TD-8 better? BTW, they may have some TD-10's left if you want one, just ask for Michael.

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    EXCELLENT!! I think you will be very happy. You will get a bit more editing and all those cheezy effects everyone complains about. Great deal!! Cool

    I wonder if they get anything else "B" stock?

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      You got a TD1 module for how much? or was this a TD8? Thanks


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        No you read it correctly . It was a TD-10 "B-stock" from "8th street music" for $795. Just got it a couple days ago. Looks and seems to work just fine, came in original box with all documentaion, mounting screws, manual, etc. Give them a call @1-800-878-8882, ask for Randy or Micheal. They don't list them on their website that I can see anyway.