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Hi-Hat Pedal Too Touchy?

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  • Hi-Hat Pedal Too Touchy?

    Greetings. I've had the privilege of playing both the V-Pro and V-Custom kits a couple of times this week at a local store and have fallen in love with them. However, being an acoustic drummer for many years I've never been completely satisfied with any electronic hi-hat, though Roland is closer than most. The FD-7 hi-hat pedal seems very touchy to me and I'm hoping someone may know of an adjustment or parameter that may help with this, hopefully for a TD-8 setup.

    My main gripe is that the pedal/module combo goes from full-closed to full-open hat over a very tiny range of motion. I would like to increase this range. In other words, I'd like to have more pedal mobility in the half-open range. As it is from the factory, just when I start adding some nice variations and accents in the half-open positions SNAP... one wrong move and I've accidentally closed them when I didn't mean to. They just seem too touchy for this kind of intricate work.

    Please tell me if there is a remedy. Thanks for any feedback.

    Brian James

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    This has been big a complaint in the past. The pedal I believe uses a 25k ohm pot and the half range is very small like 5k or so if I remmember right? I worked with this awhile back then moved on and forgot . You would have to change the pot inside the pedal to 15k or so. I've gotten used to it and it bothers me no more. Has anyone found an adjustment for this yet? Have I looked over something in the module?