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no more v-customs?

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  • no more v-customs?

    Hey everyone, i'm kind of worried. As you may know i am a poor college student who is waiting until his mother can give him a small loan for v-customs, but when that will be who knows. With the unveiling of the new V-sets, does this mean bye bye v-customs or will they still hang around for awhile? I really can't afford the new sets. AHHHHHh

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    I doubt they're going anywhere. I wouldn't worry.



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      No the VCustoms will not leave us. They will be offered as a Studio set (with the rubber pd 9 pads) as well. Again a bit cheaper and more affordable for students.

      (glad to see there are some other guys around here who have to count their money. I always tought this was a site for the rich with all those Vdrummers who have huge acoustic DW kits as well )