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C1, C2, C3 TDW-1 pad settings

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  • BtnkBndt
    I tried like heck to get an answer on the "C" pad settings when I first got the TDW-1, no one could ever tell me zip! I did notice I got positional sensing from my Visu-Lite ride on the C1A setting. Maybe I needed to do somemore tweeking on the others?

    Thats my rant. You know they knew they were developing these cymbals when they released the TDW-1, was it just a rush to put something out to passify the TD-10 users? Just seems sort of funny to me

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  • zmorton
    started a topic C1, C2, C3 TDW-1 pad settings

    C1, C2, C3 TDW-1 pad settings

    Now with this new version of the TDW-1 debate (for use of the new V-cymbals) going on I wonder if the already existing C1A, C1B, C2A, C2B, C3A, & C3B cymbal pad settings in the current TDW-1 is what Roland is talking about. Don't you think if there was a new TDW-1 out there they would just call it the TDW-2 to eliminate confusion? And to expand the TD-10 again so soon would be a bit cruel to the consumer. But then again....