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"All around amp"...?

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  • "All around amp"...?

    I am a guitar and bass player too. I don't know if anyone else here plays them too, but was wondering, can I ditch the guitar amp and little bass combo and little guitar amp for the edrums, and buy like a bass half stack (hartke or carvin), that would work well for all of them?

    It would sure clean up alot of space! I could just sell the guitar amp and buy a rack or something for the preamp.

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    Hey, Joe, I also have a guitar and a bass (both of which I play poorly), and I use an 8 track mixer and 2 JBL EON G2s (powered speakers) as a mini PA system, and for the guitar I use the POD for effects.

    Through this setup, I can run the guitar/POD, the bass, my vdrums, my sampler, and the output of my computer (which I use as a stereo/mp3 player to play along with). I could potentially have a singer, were I to find one.

    That gives me the ability to have an entire band out of my setup at whichever volume I desire. It doesn't do much good space-wise, but it works out nicely.

    The G2s have been a point of contention around here, so you may want to look into other options for the speakers.



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      What did you end up spending for the mixer and the speakers? I saw the g2's are like $2000!

      Basically, you are using a PA system?

      I have a digitech RP14 now, but it's not the best. I will prb get a lexicon rack or something.




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        Yeah, it's like a little PA. The mixer is a Behringer Eurorack, which is 200 bucks and is just what I need, and the G2s were $530 each, using the zzounds scam detailed in another post.

        So I guess all together you're looking at a teeny bit less that 1300 bucks for what I bought. I'm certain you could get a similar configuration with maybe some of the older EONs for less or even another speaker solution alltogether.

        It was the solution I went with, not being as concerned about space or money, but more about everything being set up when and how I wanted it.
        Now I have stereo, no unplug this to play it, plug in that to play it bull****, and I can have both guitarists, bassists, and a key player (if I knew one) come over and not have to bring anything but their instrument.

        If they wanted to use my guitar or bass, they wouldn't have to bring anything.

        I figure if I'm going to be broke, my life may as well be convenient.

        I'm loving it.



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          hey mettalloid- besides my v-pros,i play guitar and bass as well. i have a roland xp-60 workstation and i'm using an rp-2000 stomp box. now, i dont know what size room you're playing in, or how much volume you're looking for here, but i run all my equipment through an alesis 12r mixer and line out to a roland pm-3. for some reason, i never here anyone here mention that they use the pm-3, (which escapes me) but i really like this set-up. as far as i'm concerned, it gets plenty loud, and i think that the balance and the imaging is pretty good for a $650 monitor system. i use it as my mains in my humble home studio, and as a monitor when i play live. although it doesn't make a great reference monitor for mixdown (but then again, that's not really what it's designed for). i have no complaints as far as how it sounds with my guitar, or bass for that matter, as long as i use a little cabinet emulation with them. it's still a little thin sounding, but for all purpose monitoring, it's a kickin little set-up.
          Da Chazman


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            Is the PM-3 system the 100 watt v drum monitor system by roland?

            I saw them at guitar center, it was pretty cool.

            I am really worried about the frequency balance...Bass and drums can dig out the lows and mids, but guitar uses alot of highs.

            Is my best bet some sort of PA? I see some people use big keyboard and bass combos to amplify their drums.

            Does anyone use a bass head and cab to amplify their drums? Is it ok to use tubes in that setup?



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              I know it's not hip to say the word Peavey, their KB300 is a very LOUD amp. or get a small mixing board, an SP3g cab and a power amp that developes something like 300 to 600 watts bridged mono, like a CS800 or CS400, to 8 olms and you'll be covered for just about anything, guaranteed.
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                Originally posted by jrcel:
                I know it's not hip to say the word Peavey, their KB300 is a very LOUD amp.
                You're right about that. I've got the KB/A-300. Used as a monitor in my basement, nothing gets cranked up past 2.5 - 3 on the volume. The sound is pretty clean and the EQ on three channels is nice.
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                  I think the tough thing (and ultimately why I went with a PA-type setup) is that you want to get as close to the best of everything, a speaker setup that will sound good for bass, guitar, and drums. That's not easy to do, especially if you're picky about guitar and bass sounds.
                  Fortunately, I'm awful at both , so for me, straight in with the Bass and through the POD for the guitar was all I needed. That left the drums as top priority.

                  As far as drums, I got the 2 EONs with the big 15" lows, so that makes for a nice kick sound, which was my main concern. How fun is listening to someone play drums if you can't feel the kick drum in your chest? Everything else sounds pretty good with them, and I still have some tweaking to do.

                  I didn't want to go with one amp, because I wanted stereo for the drums, the line inputs from the computer, and the sampler.

                  Just a thought....