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  • HEY BtnkBndt

    Just a little curious about your acoustic conversion (TAMA'S) ,nice set up. I 'm not sure if your using a TD-10/TDW-1 so correct me if I am wrong. How well does it trigger compared to the PD-100/120's ? Do you get the PS to work? How are your HOT SPOTS if any? Do you use real cymbals in that set up? Thinking I might convert my TAMA'S. Are you using mostly roland blue cones over your triggers? As I said nice set-up !

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    Yes, I use the expanded TD-10.

    Triggering compared to a Roland pad. Well for example. I have my 12" tom head tension at normal and scan way up at 3.2 (thanks to Nierbo for the scan time observation!). It does tune up and I do get positional but not quite as reliable as a Roland pad (single ply heads). For this reason I still use a pd-120 for snare. I havent noticed the hot spots being any worse than my pd-120. Yes, all the toms are triggered by Roland cones and piezos (trigger perfect on the kick). It is pretty much set up as close to the Rolands as I could get. I have an instruction page, just email me and I will send you the link.

    I use a multitude of triggered cymbals, pads, dingbats, etc no REAL ones(yet). Funny you speak of REAL cymbals. Picked up some yesterday, I'm gonna trigger them things if it kills me!!! Or buy Harts, gotta try first

    If you decide to go the DIY route don't expect a turn key setup for sure.