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I just got a great idea...

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  • I just got a great idea...

    Just an idea:

    Before I return my TD 8 to upgrade to ddrums, would it be a good idea to record all 1,286 sounds on the TD 8?

    I know for me, it would give me the best of both worlds. I like most of the sounds on the TD 8, but the sequencer, EQ, and ambience features don't do jack for me.

    Has this already been done? (Am I wasting my time?)

    Let me know your thoughts. (If it hasn't been done yet) it could end the feud between ddrums and v drums.



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    What feud???


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        NNOTHING will end the war


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          I don't think it is a good idea.

          First, the Roland sounds will feel best - certainly with the COSM edit options - in a Roland module and not when they are sampled in a ddrum4 brain. Someone already has sampled the bass and snare sounds from the td-10 module. They can be downloaded at http://www.ddrums.com but I am not impressed by those sounds.

          Second, the ddrum4 already has a lot of drum sounds which will blow you away.


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            I'm not sure where I got this idea, but I thought most Roland V sounds start with a real sample and use the COSM thing to take the raw sound and adjust it based on their modeling. This was supposed to take the place of separate samples for each, allow you to give it some personality and do it with a more "user friendly" interface. Is there any substance to this?
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              Boingo, you're right.

              And that's the reason why it has no sense to pick up just one Roland sound variation and store it into a ddrum4. Just like it has no sense to pick up one ddrum4 sound variation and store it into a Akai sampler or so. You loose all variations and the things which make a system great (or not)