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TD-10 or TD-8?

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  • TD-10 or TD-8?

    I'm considering getting one of these modules for my studio...I have two questions...First, is the TD-8 newer than the TD-10(seems to have more sounds) and why is there such a price difference between the two models?..thanks

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    Here is my first prediction for 2001... Marc will post a reply telling johnnyd to use the search feature to find his answer.


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      Thanks, but after trying a search I couldn't really find a clear answer to my question.


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        Originally posted by johnnyd:
        ... and why is there such a price difference between the two models?..thanks
        Well, Roland ofcourse had to spend some money to the invention/development of the V's. After some time - and after some sales to drummers around the world - Roland can lower the price. This is familiar to all technical equipment. Every time there will be a better device with more options for less money. Nevertheless: don't border: just enjoy the td-8 (or a td-10 if you want effects and a bit more editing).


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          My thanks to you guys...I appreciate your responses...one last question if you have time...I like a real splashy and crisp open hi hat sound for some of the stuff I do...which unit has the better or more editable sounding hat..thanks


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            Hi hat's well there are several to choose from .......but , they are not V-editable you can only change the pitch and decay.