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    Originally posted by mkok View Post
    I’m left handed so yes left handed drummers are better lol
    me too
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      Originally posted by markchadwickie View Post
      Hi all, I think I posted here months back saying I'm left handed and play a left handed kit..... Well, not anymore

      I now play a right handed kit playing open handed. I've left the ride over on the right, so switch to left hand on the snare when playing ride and when playing hihat I've left on the hihat and right on the snare.

      The only change to a "regular" right handed setup is I've lowered the hats to be roughly level with the snare (similar to Simon Phillips setup)

      Why did I change? 2 things; a) to be able to play regular setups as they are and b) was struggling with my kick technique and wanted to spend time on it so thought I may as well switch before and put the effort into my right (weak) foot

      Am I happy I switched? Very much so. It's making me work both hands and has tested my (limited) independence. Also, as an added bonus, my hihat foot (left, more dominant) is getting involved much more in my playing
      Hi Mark that is really interesting mate. You must be somewhat ambidextrous though in your hands and feet.
      There's no way I could change over just like that.


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        Originally posted by John.b View Post

        Hi Mark that is really interesting mate. You must be somewhat ambidextrous though in your hands and feet.
        There's no way I could change over just like that.
        As a lefty I've already felt a little ambidextrous.... As long as it's defined as equally bad with both limbs
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          I don't think it matters. I mean I'm 10000% better with my left hand now compared to the right hand when I started playing drums. Likewise I can play the bassdrum with my left foot much, much better than I could with my right foot when I started. It's not even comparable.

          Practicing drums has 99.99999% effect on your drumming capability on that limb while being left/right handed/footed has 0.00001%

          If you are right handed but force your self to play left handed it will be natural to you after a while. It's just muscle memory.
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            I think frankzappa has it - you might have natural ability to be ambidextrous but only practice will make anything of it

            As others, I've always been mixed up - left for some things, right for others. Seeing Billy Cobham play open-handed in the early 1970s started me off and I've always felt comfortable with left hand on hi-hat and, more recently ride, right foot on kick.

            There is an interesting interview somewhere on YouTube with Ringo where he explains his 'lefty on a right kit' and how that influenced his drum fills.
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              I did not expect that this subject would be this interesting. Good on ya guys.


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                Lefty here (and not lefty-open-handed). I'm full backwards.

                Met the original Marilyn Manson drummer years ago -- he was fully lefty. Same with the drummer of Hanson. And from what I remember, Carter Beauford is lefty-open-handed. Oh, and Josh from Coheed and Cambria (amazing technique).

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                  Oh yea I forgot Carter. A fine drummer. I did'nt know he was a lefty. Thanks for that.
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