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bands/ drummers who actually use electronic drums on stage?

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  • bands/ drummers who actually use electronic drums on stage?

    Iエm really excited about buying a electronic drumkit.
    But my question is: are professional drummers using kitエs like TD-27 and TD-50 for live performance on stage ?

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    A few are, mostly in heavily electronic based music.
    I know a few high profile drummers who use a TD50 (for example) in conjunction with acoustic drums.
    And the SPD-SX is absolutely everywhere.


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        Don’t forget Blas with TSO...


        Fun fact... that blurred violinist in the front is my old guitarist's cousin. (I didn't see her until after I posted the image. )
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          I think, and as Whitten says, most pro drummers using edrums are using them as part of their acoustic setup.


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            Originally posted by John.b View Post
            I think, and as Whitten says, most pro drummers using edrums are using them as part of their acoustic setup.
            I think it depends on what is meant by "professional drummers".

            On big stages (i.e. stadium tours of large acts), generally I see acoustic drums or acoustic drums with e-drum add-ons.

            For around town pickup gigs (hotels, restaurants, etc.), most often I see acoustic drums. When you're playing a pickup gig, there is little time to fiddle with electric power, PA, monitors, and such. And indeed, many pickup gigs do not provide PA suitable for e-drums and bringing your own isn't feasible. I tried e-drums at a few pickup gigs and went back to acoustic drums immediately thereafter. Acoustic drums scale easily, which is another advantage. If all I need is a snare drum and brushes, with acoustic drums that's what I take to the gig. With e-drums, I have to bring a module, wires, and drum pad, and then I have the additional concerns of electric power, PA, and monitoring.


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              Schiller used two drummers for many years, Ralf Gustke on a acoustic/Hybrid kit and Cliff Hewitt on pure electronic drums. Cliff Hewitt are deffinately a pro drummer, and playing statiums and large arena's.
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                Kansas performed Carry on Wayward Son in a Comic Con event a few years ago with Phil Ehart playing a Yamaha electronic kit. Normally he uses acoustic drums though.


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                  The drummer Bobby Hewitt (from the band ORGY)use V-Drums TD-10 (studio and live) for the 1st and 2nd album.
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                    Interesting to see The Who using vdrums. Perhaps it's because Townsend needs a quiet stage due to tinnitus.