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Thinking of selling my ATV set but....

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  • Thinking of selling my ATV set but....

    I have an ATV expanded aDrum set (I purchased with no module) that I’m thing of selling and am wondering if I would be better off to part it out and sell the individual pads or sell the set complete.

    Anyone have any thoughts about this?

    Thanks for any input...


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      I think it depends.

      In general, with most things you can make more money by parting out, but you usually have to be willing to sit on the item for longer (sometimes a lot longer). And then you have to look at the desirability of the individual components. I'm sure you could quite easily sell the snare and cymbals. Maybe the floor tom to someone else with aDrums who wants to add a fourth tom. But then it's going to get complicated. How many buyers are there for individual ATV rack toms? What's the demand like for ATV hardware by itself? You might check eBay to see what the market is like, but personally, if it was me, I would just want to sell it once and get it over with (but I really don't like the process of listing items and dealing with strangers who may or may not be seriously interested, are going to haggle for a lower price, and possibly come back complaining three months later when they break something - I certainly wouldn't want to multiply that experience by however many individual parts are in your ATV kit).


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        The cymbals, especially the ride, and the snare will go quickly. The toms and maybe the kick will take a littler longer.
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          Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I actually bought a second ATV floor tom just because my acoustic sets in the past were set up that way. I still have all of the original packing materials and shipping cartons so when I do decide to sell, I will probably sell all together. The only reason I’m thinking of selling is that I am in the process of buying a set from DrumTec. It is a retirement gift to myself. I’d really like to keep both sets but I’m getting a bit long in the tooth and the guys I have played with for years don’t want to play out anymore. So, either I keep both sets and look for some other players to hook up with or I just sell the ATV set and keep the DrumTec set and be satisfied playing in a basement studio. I really like the ATV set but have been wanting a set of DrumTec drums and decided that if I was going to buy a set, now was the time. But, its a lot of money to keep both and I’ll have to give it some serious thought.

          Thanks again for the input.


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            I'm guessing you're getting one of the Pro kits from drum-tec? I'm curious to know what you're looking to gain from switching. I'm sure you've given it a lot of thought but I hope you've also taken into account what going from side cones to center cone means.