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Placement of kit in a room with One neighbor

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  • Placement of kit in a room with One neighbor

    I have an AE kit with Drum-tec 2ply heads on all drums except for the bass drum, it's a Roland KD-10.

    I am moving into a 1-room apartment on the 1st AND ONLY floor and have one neighbor like the title says.

    In order to cause as least noise for my neighbor. Where should I put my kit, if you look at the attached image ? A, B, C, D ? And at what direction should my eyes face?

    The arrows marked 1, 2 ,3, these directions are "clear", there's no house closer than perhaps 70 meters or so.

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    i would go
    B for greater distance
    2 for more space in the apartment (and for that reason go for a corner)
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      Yea B but the worst noise transmission is by the kick pedal through the floor. Have you got a timber floor or a concrete floor. If timber you might need a tennis ball platform. Do a search on this and you will find out loads of stuff on this. I've got no neighbours so don't have to worry lol


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        Make friends with your neighbor then experiment. Just a thought.
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          Set it up in your neighbors living room so he gets used to it right away, and then any moves from there will show immediate progress, lol! Seriously, I think it would be more of an experiment that you would have to involve your neighbor in. This way he or she would know that you are aware that they could be affected . I have been all thru this with 2 downstairs neighbors. After building a riser, Roland noise eaters, quieter mesh heads, etc. I now just try to play when I know that neighbor isn't home. When you live in a house no problem, condo, different story. Good luck man!
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            yep, wall and floor are pretty important in this.. ..maybe make agreements about playing hours in time, with your neighbour
            (if it is too noisy) .. another idea.. get a rtom moongel workout pad 7" .. take it out of the plastic holder and double side tape it to
            a wood board.. now you have the exact rebound of an acoustic snare .. and nobody hears a thing nextdoor.. (just as an add on..)
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              2B, but maybe thatís too obvious? The bit about the floor is a good point...
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