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My simple fix for a walking bass pedal

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  • My simple fix for a walking bass pedal

    This is my "fix" for a walking bass pedal, I have my kit on a hardwood floor . Check it out!

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    Nice! I was playing at a church for a while and the bass drum pedal would walk. This was an old Roland FD-7. So I took what was laying around (an extra cable) and looped it around the pedal and a leg on the throne and tied it off. Wasn't elegant, but it kept the pedal from walking.
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      I always bring a small rug/doormat wherever I play, just big enough to go under my seat and under my hi hat and kick pedals. Works like a charm and protects the floor.
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        I use to use a drum mat on my Akit, A metre square of rubber flooring. The base drum, hi hat and kick pedal all had spurs so never lost anything while playing. Before the mat I remember once, nailing a strip of wood onto the stage in front of the base drum to stop it all moving but the club owner was not impressed. We never did get asked back again.
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