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Strike Pro II?

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  • Strike Pro II?

    I know there are some well connected people here, just curious if anyone has heard rumors of a Strike Pro 2? The originial Strike is a few years old now, so according to common timelines, it is about time to start developing a successor. They have supported the Strike Pro very well, with 4-5 major updates and tons of new sounds, so I'm doubtful it'll have the "normal" 4-5 year life span - I think it'll last longer, but it doesn't hurt to ask

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    They should had another update to fix things that remain, there is still plenty of bug remain. They need to develop complete new triggers and module, this could take 5-6 years, the current one have too much issue and problem still continue to appears weekly that never happens to others brand at this rate.
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      Actually agree with Chris on this one.

      I think they've spent so much time fixing stuff that they've probably slowed or halted any progress on a possible successor. Not to mention they have a ton of hardware issues they're still dealing with.

      I wouldn't expect any new flagship from Alesis till at least 2021 or later. I'm thinking 2022+. That's just from everything I've watched. It's barely two years old.
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